WTT: Green Mountain 10/22 bbl for Mossberg 500 bbl

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    I have:

    1 16" Green Mountain tapered, sporter profile target barrel (bentz chamber). I received this barrel directly from GM as a factory second, likely due to minor cosmetic blemishes (the stamping is very light, the GM logo and "unfired rounds may not eject" warning are barely visible, minor tool marking on the inside of the groove where the barrel clamp goes, the rear of the barrel was un-blued). I blued the un-blued portion of the barrel using Birchwood Casey Cold Blue (Looks OK, definitely not a pro-job, my part is slightly duller) and put the barrel on my 10/22 and it groups great. This barrel as a factory first directly from GM is $140 + tax and S&H.

    I would like:

    1 Mossberg 500 barrel, length of either 20" (preferred) to 24" (max) with accu-choke threads. Preferably this barrel will have a notch rear and blade front site or similar rather than just a round bead.

    I would like to trade even-up for the barrels. I am in SE Ohio if anyone there wants to trade and save us both shipping.

    Thanks for looking.

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