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  1. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    I need a couple of mags for my C-9. I want some 10-rounders.

    I have one 8 round C-9 mag, and one 10 round 995 mag. I'd like to trade them both for 10 round C9 mags.

    Anybody got a 10 rounder they don't want?

    Each would pay shipping. I don't care if you just ship it regular rate in a bubble envelope. I don't need it Priority Shipped, so the shipping would only cost a couple bucks. If you want to trade for both mags in one trade, I'll ship them to you Priority Mail.
  2. I have a 10rd C9 mag and would be willing to trade it for the 995 mag.

    I did a fluff & buff on the mag follower and it works 100% in my C9, I just prefer using the five 8rd C9 mags instead of the 10rd mag.

  3. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    Bump! The 995 mag is gone, still got the 8rnd C9 mag.
  4. perry23117

    perry23117 Guest

    r you willing to sell the 8 rnd if so how much
  5. GrumpyDad

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    C9 mag

    I would be very interested in buying the C9 8rnd mag if you still have it and want to sell; let me know how much,thanx