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Consolidating calibers decided to go with 7.62 over 223
Mini-14 less than 300 rnds through it has original wood stock and tapco fusion adjustable
1 factory 5 rnd mag
1 factory 20 rnd mag
2 30 poly promags
2 steel noname 30rnd mags
1 90 rnd drum mag
150 rnds of 223 mixed umc and wolf
Im figureing about $900.00 worth of gun and accesories
Will consider trades for stuff around $700.00 :D

Looking for:
Bolt gun 308, 30-06,270,300WM,7mm mag, remington, ruger, ect
357 DA revolver ruger, smith, colt
1911 colt or clone
Browning HP or clone
remmy 870 or clone
22lr auto loader pistol, ruger, browning, beretta, walther
Let me know
Oh looking for FTF in Oklahoma.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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