WTT - Ram-Line non-folding stock that fits SKS

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  1. I have a black Ram-Line non-folding stock with the handguard for an SKS that I would like to trade for a Tapco 20 round magazine for an SKS. Doesn't matter if the Tapco magazine is a black, OD green or dark earth. The stock looks like a folder but it does not fold. I believe at one time you could get a kit that would turn it into a folder.

    I changed my Norinco Chinese SKS to a Tapco T6 stock so have no use for the Ram-Line stock. Also, the Ram-Line has no bayonet cut for either spike or blade in the forearm, it is smooth.

    This stock sells for just over $50.00 (plus shipping) at Cheaper than Dirt http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/93181-31.html, this should be well worth a Tapco 20 round SKS magazine that sells for about $18.00 (plus shipping).

    The stock looks like this:


    If interested PM me.

    Thanks for looking.

  3. Deal underway.

    PM sent to UPdownLoAD.

    Thanks for looking.
  4. Re: WTT - Ram-Line non-folding stock that fits SKS - TRADED

    This item has been traded.
  5. Received stock today, thanks!!

    Easiest trade ever, both parties shipped when they said they would, so I would highly recommend WVHunter129 for any transactions!!
  6. Had a few extra minutes yesterday, and well, my Ruger 10/22 now has a new step-brother!!

  7. Thanks for the good report, UPdownLoAD! I have to say the same about UPdownLoAD, exchanged PM's and addresses and shipped same day. Very good guy to deal with.

    Thanks for the trade.

    Wow that step brother looks great in that Ram-Line stock.

    Now when you reach in the cabinet you will have to pay close attention to which one your grabbing! 8)