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  1. Hey guys. I'm not getting much range time in lately and thinking of selling my HiPoint 995 carbine. I've got afew other rifles and shotguns but this was my main range shooter. It's in great condition.


    3 factory 10 round mags
    Tasco Red/Green Dot
    Pachmayr grip
    Extra Firing pin
    Factory compensator
    All hard ware and factory paperwork.

    **No Case Included**

    I'd like to trade for another carbine/rifle/shotgun or take cash offers. If the offered firearm's worth more, I'll throw some cash in to even it up. I would also like to keep this local, but if all else fails, I'd ship.


  2. If the Post office doesn't find my 995, I might take you up on this offer. It may take some time, so if you find someone to buy it first, go for it.
  3. Thought I had this in there: I'm also looking for a 360 console, if anyone's getting rid of one.

    **Sorry to hear about your postal troubles, Primal :/ **
  4. ***UPDATE*** 6-11-08

    Hey guys. Got myself a 360 Elite :D But this 995 is still up for sale as I'm trying to clear up my credit and need the cash. I've included a Bushman hardshell case that a buddy tossed my way. For a local sale, I'll throw in 200 rounds of ammo.

    So let's give this 995 a good home :)
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    Would you just sell 2 of the magazines? I kinda hate to take em from whoever is gonna buy the carbine, but I don't feel bad enough about it not to offer haha.
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    You decided to ship it yet? If so, how much? Would you be intrested in a rem youth 20g 870 for trade?
  7. Perimedik

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    Sent you a PM.
    Send me your number. One of my EMS/Paramedic partners would like to speak with you directly, we are both on the island. I am taking him out 2 morrow to to brookhaven shoot mine and he was interested in your deal.
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    Do u still have this? if so how much do u want for it?
  9. Sold locally. Thanks for the interest guys.