WVHunter129's C9 and Holster setup

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  1. Here is my C9 along with the Uncle Mike's #15 holster and a few attachments...Smith & Wesson lock blade knife and a Rayovac 1 Watt LED flashlight.

    Both of these have belt/pocket clips on them...the knife goes on the side of the case and the flashlight goes on the magazine pouch.

    I have two 8 round magazines and one 10 round mag.

    Here are the pictures:





    I am thinking about a shoulder holster for this C9 so I can carry it concealed under my coat or jacket.

    I like this Hi-Point so well that I have honestly considered getting the 40 S&W and also getting the 995. I know where both are and for about just under $400 I can get both.
  2. that is one good looking gun. :D

  3. That flashlight is a nice addition. Great setup!
  4. Isn't the thumb break supposed to go on the other side for a righty?
  5. Steve M you may be right about the thumb break, but it works good for me right where it is at.

    I may need to try it on the other side just to see how it would work for me.

    I am right handed, but ever since I have used these holsters I have had it like that. This is probably my 3rd or 4th Uncle Mike's #15.
  6. Now THAT's a set up! Very cool - right down to the cycle tube grip! Many of us use them too. Well done.
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    Nice pics! Good to see another West Virginia member. I live in Putnam county. I'm pretty sure there's someone here from Huntington as well.

  8. Thanks guys.

    squeak_D good to see WV brothers on any site.
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    that looks like a lot of stuff on the holster
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    I have a pro tek holster and it has the thumb break on the same side as this and if it were on the other side it would be awkward.
    I apologize I looked at the picture wrong. I thought he had it on the opposite side, like I have mine. If mine were like his it would be very odd feeling and rough on the thumb. You would almost have to twist your hand around to unsnap and that length of time could be fatal.

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  11. Nice setup you got there.
  12. Nice rig you got there!!! Looks Great
  13. Great setup, looks like your ready for anything. Its funny i used to think the 9mm c9 was ugly but gettin to look at it more and more makes me think its a very sexy gun. that just might be my next investment
  14. p7196,

    Could you post a picture of your holster?

    I tried the thumb break on the belt clip side and it was harder to unsnap. On the outside it is easier to unsnap, as I reach down for the pistol I push the thumb snap with my thumb, it pops and I pull the pistol out of the holster.

    I notice that all of the LEO's I see that are right handed have the thumb break on the belt clip side of the holster. Of course they have the nice leather holsters for their semi's.