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WWB 9mm 100ct bad round pic

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Hey folks. While shooting last weekend I came across this while loading a mag for my wife. This could have been real bad. Has anyone else come across any of these in the 100ct 9mm WWB ammo? Do you think this is worth writing Winchester about? Maybe score a free box of ammo. Im really just glad I noticed it before it got loaded into her 995. Any thoughts?
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I'd write them, what the heck couldn't hurt. They're going to want all the info off the box also, like any dates or lot #'s etc. Also send them pics, but do NOT send them the bullet.... you may need the evidence down the road.

Good eyes, seeing it in time.
dont waste your time. ive found rounds with no bullets, no powder and no primers. dents, bullets in backwards etc. WWB is seconds and over-run so problems like this are fairly common. i treid and they said 'sorry, expect defects in seconds ammo".

dont waste your time. ive found rounds with no bullets, no powder and no primers. dents, bullets in backwards etc. WWB is seconds and over-run so problems like this are fairly common. i treid and they said 'sorry, expect defects in seconds ammo".

The 100 round WWB I have seen just say 'target' on them. Nothing about seconds or substandard ammo. Is there another WWB that is marked as seconds or with a disclaimer?
That could have been very ugly.
I wouldnt spend too much time on it, but an email or a phone call wouldnt hurt.
And like others have said, I would keep the bullet as evidence.
Roger that. Thanks for the insight. I'll send them an email with the pic and see where it goes. I guess this is just gives more weight to the load your own argument.
they are not marked in any way but thats what they are. i have a freind who is an engineer for win/olin in the ammo R&D dept and he was the one who told me where the bulk pack ammo comes from. the 50 round count boxes with trrays in them are "premium" line ammo and the leftovers from that and military contratcs etc end up in boxes like this. QC is spotty at best, its more about making the maximum amount of ammo in the minimum time.

My buddy works at Ohlins near STL and told me to avoid WWB if possible in semi autos. I have always had problems with Winchester brass (too thin) in my military type semi auto firearms and mainly use Remington or Lake City in my rifles. Its "ok" in my bolt actions but i avoid it in my semi autos.

He didnt call it seconds but told me its not held to the same specs as the normal production lines. His CETME jams like mad with WWB 308 but shoots almost anything else just fine and the rifle is well past the break in period. It wouldnt fire anything but copper washed steel case reliably for the first 100 rounds.
I haven't had any problems with using WWB, but I got a bad round in a box of Remington 9MM. I sent them a picture and I received a call from them a few days later. I didn't receive a refund or a free box of shells, but I did receive a free hat. Those hats sell for $10!!!

Have a good one!!!

Yowza. My 995 absolutely refused to digest WWB so I haven't had it in the house for over a year. Either way it's a good idea to check ammo as you're loading the mags. Good catch.
Always check each round of ammo. I do. Better safe than sorry.
Hmmm, wife's 995....hmmm could be my 995 if.... hmmmm!
Dude, that could have been BAD! Good eyes finding it in time.
Do you think Walmart or any other store wants to put 2nd's on their packaging.
Do you notice WWB is usually the cheapest box you can find?
Next to blazer aluminum of course.
Do as SamStafford says "Always check each round of ammo. I do. Better safe than sorry."
So is it only the loose packed WWB ammo that is known for these problems or the stuff in the little trays too?
the stuff in the trays is considered "premium line" and doesn thave the big numbers of defects. you still find a problem round from time to time but it 1/100th of what teh bulk pack is.

Personally I've shot about 2000 rounds of the loose packed WWB and have yet to have a bad round. I could just be lucky though. I generally prefer Remington UMC over WWB, but now I can't really be picky, I just have to get whatever is available at the time.
I had one out of the WWB box that just "fizzled" when I pulled the trigger, the actual primer looked like it was melted and the gun was smoking like it was on fire... I ejected the round and checked the pistol, everything looked ok.. I dont know if it was bad powder, primer or what but I shot the rest of the box without any problems and I gave the round to the range guy to dispose of. From my understanding those rounds are odds and ends.. kinda like a bulk bin, I have seen dented and bent rounds in the box, they are always dirty or dirtier than others, look at your fingers when you load a mag... looks like you just changed the oil.. When ammo was hard to come by I got a bunch of it at walmart but I dont buy it anymore since i have seen bad rounds in the box, I used up most of it already, I have a couple of boxes left and got a sweet deal from bass pro to get the Rem. UMC 250 round boxes.. They were 54.99 and I had 30 dollars off a purchase of 100 or more so I used that to get several boxes so I went that route. On another note I have actually counted the rounds I get in the box, I put them in 50 rnd boxes I saved and sometimes you get 100, several times I have gotten 101-110 rounds in the box though. kinda sweet reward for getting some bad ones.
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thats crazy that could have went real baddd :brow: :brow: :brow:
While in the army during a night fire, so I couldnt see what happened, one round of my 556 somehow bent to 45 degree angle, it wouldnt chamber and since it was dark I rammed the forward assist which only made it worse and We had to disasseble the rifle and pull it out with pliers at like 1 am, not a good time, the only thing I can think of was it had a spur or something so it didnt chamber correcly and the assist bent it outward further. other than having an issue with reloads not ejecting on my mossberg 500 I have never had any other issues with ammo... it only takes once to ruin you day though.
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