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  1. You cant beat the price of 100 rounds of WWB from Walmart. You buy 3 boxes thats 300 rounds with taxes you will spend around 50 dollars. You order online you pay 7.49 box of 50 for blazers plus shipping you will be paying almost 60 dollars. Cabelas has 300 rounds for like 75 dollars, that comes with dry box.
  2. does all walmarts carry this? i can't seem to remember mine having any.

  3. Everyone ive been in up north they have .
  4. The price is great...but all of my local Wally's require a pistol permit to buy 9mm. :evil:
  5. Is that just in NY? Because i bought some in Indiana to and never was asked for anything.
  6. must be a state thing....i can go down the local gas station/convenience store and pick up .45 ammo....
  7. Ari

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    Last time I bought WWB at walmart (it has been some time) for 9mm is was $15 per 100 pack. That sent me over the top and I started reloading.
  8. curious....does the initial cost of the reloading equipment offset the extra cost of the ammo?
  9. Ari

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    Depends how you look at it. (I have a monthly ammo budget.) I came into some extra cash I invested in my reloading gear. It cost me $120 to start loading 9mm. I did not use my monthly ammo budget to buy my reloading gear. I used money I did not normally have coming in.

    But if I had to take money from my monthly ammo budget to pay for my gear then I would have had to shoot less for a few months to pay my gear off. Then I would have had to count it in the price of ammo

    So for me my gear was a write off bought with money I do not normally have.
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    I'm assuming you're talking about 9mm. I priced a box of 100 WWB .45's today and it was something like $26. I paid $14 for a box of 50 Blazer Brass.
  11. 100 .45's for $26? i would jump at that. i just paid $19 for a box of 50 earlier today...
  12. ab4ka

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    Sure makes me wish I'd bought more when it was $15/100 (which wasn't that long ago)
  13. I bought everything that I could and stocked up on ammo before the across the board rise in prices.

    Some of the milsurp especially is getting a little scarce and pricey
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    100 WWB 9mm was 15 at wally world today(2/2/08)ATL. Blazer 8.47 for 50 and 28.50 for 50 WWB .45
  15. I counted myself lucky getting 50 .40 S&W for $13.60 shipped. Sad what the world's coming to these days... I remember when 9mm was $11 for 100 :(.
  16. NH Walmart has the WWB 9mm/100 for $15.78 and the WWB .45/50 for $28.
    I bought My 9mm yesterday and also a box of INDEPENDANCE 9MM/50 for $12.00....ouch!
    WallyWorld for WWB 9's is the way to go.
  17. Concur. WWB 9mm FMJ 100 round box at Wal-Mart is the best I've seen in eastern Georgia. Sometimes Bass Pro Shops will have a sale and bring their prices down to Wally Wolds's prices, or just under them. They don't have any Wolf 7.62, though. That one causes me to price hunt a little.
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    in my area 9mm 100 packs are the cheapest if i just want a 100.. however can be found cheaper or nearly same price if i buy a case of 10 50rnd boxes at a time.

    being walmart i'd really expect the ammo to be cheaper.

    the federal 550 bulk .22lr packs though are the cheapest i can find. less then 10 bucks.