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    Hello my name is benny and i'm 26 yrs old, i just got a new hi-point from my mom for home safety. since i've gotten my hi-point iv done nothing but watching videos on them, how to polish the feed ramps, the pro's n con's..Even with the bad reviews i still can't find anything wrong with it. im going to be trying to customize it. im going to polish the barrel, feed ramp, and a few parts in side the gun. i could really use some tips and good/positive feedback on how to do so.:)
    Im new to the forums here so, Hello to you all Btw..

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  2. bigfrank330

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    Welcome to the forum
    I don't know much about customizing but I am Sure you get plenty of advice

  3. talon

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    welcome aboard Benny. you'll find this is the place for sure for any info you could ever want (and some you dont want) about any Hi Point model.

    im not a pistol expert, im a carbine gun, but polishing the feed ramp is always a good improvement as is leaving your magazines full at all times to get the springs compressed, it seems to really help thier reliability.

    you'll find HP guns do have thier problems, they are like kids, they will act poorly once in awhile, but, with a little tough love they always get back on target. *pun intended.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Like Talon said, the wealth of knowledge on this forum is tremendous. Any problems you might have with your hi point have probably been experienced and solved by someone here.
    Enjoy the pistol and conversation.
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    Howdy. I usually don't frequent the welcome threads being a relative noob myself and whatnot. Did the C9 come with the biohazard symbol on the grips or did you add it?
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    No it didn't sry i added them, got it a few days after. not sure where, i didn't buy em Sorry.
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    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your new HP and this place!
    I wouldn't recommend doing much of anything as far as polishing, grinding, bending, or altering anything until it becomes an issue. If it ain't broke....don't fix it.
  8. Welcome to the forum, Benny. A lot of cool info here. I have a C-9 too. Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you the.........never mind.:D
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    Well Thank you all for the welcome, its nice to meet you all. Very glad to be here. the reason why i am working on my C9 is because i wanted to customize my Hi-point more. i saw a few i like on youtube gave me the idea. i want it to have that silver look to it, "thats why i'm polishing the barrel". as for the feed ramp its to reduces friction when feeding the rounds through. i read and heard it on the web as a must do?
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    Here maybe?
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    Hi Rich, if ur looking to buy a hi-point try ur local gun store.
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    He has too many as is...
    Or was that Melvin....or ajole..:p
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    Because of my sig right? Yea. That's funny. At least I hope you were being funny.
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    Hi x3benny,


    What does the x3 in your user name stand for?
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    All of the above.
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    lol Sorry, i didnt kno, i do now joke's on me lmao:eek:
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    nothing much part of my email. everything else was taken:D
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    Just don't shoot yourself in the foot.
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    Was x3lennie taken?
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    idk why, :confused:lol