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  1. Wanna know what you guys like the best? They all pretty much have outstanding reputations!

    And a little gun porn too please! :oops:
  2. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    Thats an easy one...


    Reason I say that:
    *Grip Angle (points naturally straighter like a 1911)
    *Grip+Trigger Safety
    *Loaded chamber and cocking indicator
    *Sights made of metal, not plastic
    *True ambi mag release
    *Cheaper than a Glock
    *I like the trigger better than the M&P

    XD Torture Test!


  3. Which feels best in your hand? You pretty much can't go wrong with the three mentioned.
  4. Chef Dennis

    Chef Dennis Guest

    The picture under my Name sayes it for me. That is my XD 9 SC.

    All of them are good guns, but each has to decide which is best for themselves. I am looking at the Walther PPS 9. It only holds 8 shots as it is a single stack and "super" thin. I am lookin at it really hard!
  5. Ari

    Ari Guest

    XD for me... I like the fully supported chamber. And it feels good in my had
  6. M&P for me!!!!!! Easy point and shoot (just like the XD)



    Accurate, Flawless function, easy to maintain, like the removable back strap.

    But I also like the XD's. Dont own one but I like the way they shoot and feel.

    Not a fan of Glocks. Dont like the way the grip feels for me. But good guns other than that.
  7. get both........... :lol:


    just kidding....... I'm fortunate enough to have both, the 9C M&P and the XD 4". I carry the M&P. If I had bought the SC XD, I'd carry that one too. They are both great guns in my experience.

    I know a person who has a brother who knows some girl who's father's uncle has a godfather who's wife's third son thinks Glocks are sort of odd looking. So don't get a Glock. :lol: :lol: :lol: [ JK of course - I have no experience with the G's ]
  8. I havet to go with the XD I already have 1 of them and im close to getting the xd40. If you have the money a USP9 or USP40 would also be a great choice i have the freak xd 9 here.lol
  9. MSCHU24

    MSCHU24 Member

    I guess I will be the first "bad" guy :D I chose a Glock 17 after narrowing it down to Glock and XD from reviews and reliability. I didn't like the way the XD felt in my hand though. There was something about the palm safety that felt wierd. I did pick up a M&P and really liked the way it felt, but had already decided it was Glock or XD. Plus, the Glock feels so perfect in my hand that I was in love the first time I picked it up.

  10. mjd932

    mjd932 Member

    See what feels best in your hand. They are all fine pistols but in my case the XD felt best and is what I went with. Handle them and shoot them if possible! That will make your decision a lot easier.
  11. I don't know anything about M&P so I have no opinion on one.

    If it was between the Glcok and the XD fullsize in 9mm, I would go with XD.

    I have a Glock 17 with 5 mags (1 33 rounder) and I rarely ever shoot it.

    If it were up to me, I would probably go with a used Sigpro. Polymer frame with the best trigger I have ever shot on a 400-500 dollar gun. Plus its a double/single and I really like the option of double action. I also like the exposed hammer and decocker.

    But I do love the XD.
  12. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Im a glock guy for the following reasons:

    XDs rust, glocks dont.
    Glock have polygonal riflind, XDs dont.
    Glocks have the proper grip angle. Xds dont

  13. Heavy J

    Heavy J Guest

    I am with MSCHU24 and Silicon Wolverine, the dark side is strong. I have a friend that works in a gun shop (used to be one of my officers) so I know his word is good. He says he gets a alot of returns on the XD's due to rust issues and the M&P's is still working out the bugs and he is getting alot of M&P's to be returned to S&W for repairs. HMMMMMM- My Glocks work great, why change. Keep in mind that I am not putting down the Xd's or S&W M&P's, I will not put anyone's weapon down, if it works for you, then good for you and that is the weapon you should use. Glocks just work for me.
  14. Whittey

    Whittey Guest

    Go with whatever feels right in your hand. I like the XD, so i've got a pair of 'em. I'm still not quite sure how prevalent the rusting issue is, as I never take care of my guns and i've only seen very very very light surface rust. This is on a gun in my coffin case that only leaves the car to go into the range. I don't clean it, I don't wipe it down with anything, etc. Shoot it and put it back into the case (most often still hot).

    I've shot my XD's a moderate amount (maybe 10k rounds between the two) and i've never shot an M&P. I fired a G17 a couple years ago for one mag, but I don't really recall how it felt. I also shot a G18C, but ripping through a 32rnd mag in <3 seconds (I paused in the middle) isn't a real good way to get a feel for the gun.

  15. condition1

    condition1 Member

    go Springfield

    My XD is .40sw service model. It is outstanding. The only thing I did was put a little skateboard grip tape on the slide. Dunno about the M&P, but XD handled better for me than Glock.
    I tell everyone considering a handgun to buy an XD. Zero problems with any round I've ever put through it (usually Remington umc FMJ Megapack in yellow box, I am cheap, occasionally WWB if I see it on sale)
  16. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    and i was just coming across this problem myself...

    im torn between the XD9, XD40, Glock 19, Glock 23, or some variation on the S&W Sigma.. havent looked too much into the Sigma yet though.

    I guess i'll just have to test fire all of them..

    i was kinda thinking going with 9mm versions.. but my shooting buddies.. who are also looking at buying their first CCW pistols/duty pistols (theyre in police training or something)..theyre going with .40cal.
  17. Huggy

    Huggy Member

    While I respect your opinion and experience, I have to differ. The rust problem, if I'm not mistaken, has been taken care of.
    I prefer the option of shooting softer lead, without excessive streaking.
    I also like a fully supported chamber.
    GLOCKs have the proper grip angle for what? Not me. Of the half dozen GLOCKs I have fired none felt right to me. The G26 felt ok, but I didn't get to fire that one.
    I am not knocking GLOCKs, obviously they must be pretty good if they're widely used by LEOs, I just haven't been that impressed.

    I had the same question a few years ago, and did my homework.
    I went with the XD because it fit, and not just my hand.

    I looked at GLOCKs(briefly) XDs, S&W M&Ps, Sig Sauers, Kahrs, Rugers, and a few others. The XD came out on top for almost everything I wanted, and only beat the Ruger P95 because of the grip, and the Sig 229 because, well... I could get the XD for about half the price.
  18. The Glock's grip angle, the polygonal barrel, and the unsupported barrel are all major turn offs for me on the glock.

    When I shoot, I usually shoot a lot so I reload. No reloading cheap lead for a glock and reusuing Glock brass is not a great idea.

    I am going to hopefully get a different non-polygonal barrel for my Glock and then maybe I would shoot it more.
  19. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    For me the XD is naturally straighter when you grab/grip it. When I grab/grip a Glock, its at a slight angle and i have to adjust/bend my wrist to correct it.
    Of course I'm a 1911 guy too, and the XD mimics the 1911 grip angle.

    As far as rust. I think that was a problem with XDs initially, but Springfield has since changed the coating/paint (melonite treatment) process. I don't think it has been a problem since that change. Every XD past mid 2006 is supposed to have the new melonite finish.

    If you do have a problem, I have been told you can send it back to Springfield and they will refinish it free of charge (They will reimburse shipping up to $50) with the new melonite finish.
  20. freedom

    freedom Member

    Two moths ago I would have said XD no Glock or M&P but that was then.

    Have heard many nightmares about the M&P

    XDs are very good guns and much to my chagrin I have to add the Glock. Fired one a few weeks back and it was I have to say a very good shooting gun.