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    I have been looking on the net at XD info alot lately and have came across multiple people saying you can use mags from other guns in it. Mainly they said the SW 5900 series mags and the beretta 92 mags. Can anyone confirm or deny?
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    But I did do some reading from one of the people involved in the metal work in the mags. Something about a university was involved with the testing of the metal work. They set those mags up to handle a bunch of corrosion. He said that they were made to handle salt water longer the the BF92 mags. (Three days longer.)

    Sorry I can not speak to your real question

  3. Not that I know of. A Glock magazine fits, but it won't lock in. The mag locks are different. I don't know of any others. Some Smith and Wesson Mags will work in a Kel-Tec P-11.
  4. Probably a dumb question, but are XD mags expensive compared to these others? I thought since the XD being a vastly popular firearm that they would be relatively cheap and easy to come by. Maybe it's a "because i can", lord knows I've used that excuse plenty of time.
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    XD mags run around 20-25$ usually plus shipping.

    I have been looking for them for my XD9 service.

    I would think this would have came up by some one who has many other brand mags and wants to save a buck.

    I read a topic on XDtalk about this and believe it also Came from some guy's in peoples republic of Kalifornia.