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  1. Thayldt21

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    Well I just saw this.

    ProMag Mag 9MM 32Rd Blue Springfield XD

    I tell you with the rep Pro mag has I am affraid to test this.
    so I will ask, Has any one tried and or heard anything about this???

    The fear of being a Guienie Pig is stalling me from makin the purchase.

  2. Thay, for all things being sacred and holy, don't buy those mags, I'd have to hurt you. Personally, I don't like having to hurt somone I consider a friend.....

    J/K on the "hurtin", just don't buy the mags... You're asking for trouble.
  3. JoeDoe22

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  4. Huggy

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    Funny thing about the Pro-Mag 32 rd XD mags, I loaded until it was full, and counted 35, also for S&Gs tried it in my Kel-Tec P11. It fit and fed snap caps, but the mag release is different. The promag is narrower in the front than the factory XD mags. Only reason I tried the XD in the P11 was I had both out for cleaning, and was comparing mags.
  5. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    I frequint XDtalk And have tried to order this for the past few weeks withno success.
    i am thinking they only sell one or two at a time, Just enough to get a few posters praising the deal and thus every one else will just say screw and buy the mags at cost.

    as Many people on XD talk tryin to get them. Then only One or two Guys Can brag about there wonderfull deal.

    Think about it. If you tell me you have got one I will not believe you. That is how few They sell.

    This is an edit> I forgot the smilleys so you dont think I am a jerk wad.

    So just imagine them there....
  6. Ari

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    16 is enough for me
  7. vallen

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    I dont get the whole philosophy of hugely extended mag in a handgun.
    They look completely idiotic - especially the drum mags for 1911. IDPA instructors chuckle when someone pulls one out of their range bag.

    Aside from laziness at the range, what practical use are they?
    They make a "HAND- gun" into an unwieldy, inaccurate (due to weight), unconcealed and most are not up to the quality standards of the factory mags- especially ProMags.

    Get a rifle or a shotty if you need mass lead throwing. Also get some training with shot placement and draw/ reload techniques.
  8. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Uh, I thought All would understand thata mag of that perportion was only usefull at a range.

    If one could conceile it would they be willing to bet there life on it to not jam.

    A mag malfuntion at the range is acceptable a failure duriing a ccw event is not.

    At the range for the why not factor. people buy 30rds for 10/22. sks, ar's ect for the range. well some for SHTF but again the hand gun mag nay be problemic. but fine for range.
  9. vallen

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    Just busting on the Hi Cap Pistol shooters.
    Again I stated HAND gun. A 10/22, SKS, AR, AK are all rifles (i.e. not HAND gun).
    If you do CCW, rangetime with a drum mag does not reinforce your technique. It kinda works against you and makes you lazy. No to mention frustrating as hell when they jam.

    And if SHTF, I'm going to NOT waste my ammo.
  10. I could see wanting a hi-cap mag for a 1911 or Glock (and soon XD) if you planned on getting one of the Mech-Tech CCU's for it, I just have no idea if they work worth a darn or not.
  11. Sakdog

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    On the topic of the 3 mag kit from SA
    I got off the phone with Springfield armory the other day (needed to get a replacement front sight) And the lady was saying that some of the SA stocking dealers do have the 3 mag and mag holster promotion going on (Same as mentioned above) 3 mags a case and holster for $50, I called all the gun stores in my area and I cant seem to find anyone who knows anything about it.. But its a killer deal.. I want to find someone who actually has these in stock.
  12. Is that an in-store promotion only, or is it offered on internet sales as well?
  13. JoeDoe22

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    Ive only seen it at that one site but just as Thayldt21 pointed out they are EXTREMELY hard to order. When I checked today they only had the 40sc package available.
  14. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Well, seems we agree 100%. I think I worded my post poorly. But the meaning is there.
  15. Huggy

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    I actually got mine because of how ridiculous it is. It's kind of like a novelty item like my Homer and Marge Simpson salt and pepper shakers.
    You definately don't need it, but...
  16. A.C.P.

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    This dealer has some on hand right now but sells out FAST. Its an extrodinary price for XD Mags.
  17. condition1

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    no no no

    dont trust Promag
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    HaHaHa!! I remember the glock vid with 200 round double drum fully automatic g23. That thing was a beast.