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    First off: this is a want, not a need.
    Second: I've own both the G21 and G30, and currently own an XD45 SERVICE as my duty weapon. The reason my Duty weapon is not a G30 is because the one I had on order didn't get here in time for me to leave for the academy. So I took a firearm I'd heard good things about with me down to an environment where I'd be under a lot of emotional stress! In the five days we had to master our weapons, I qualified with it no problem If I'd had a G30 I'd have been more relaxed as I've sent thousands of rounds through a few.
    Third: Wile at the academy, I met some guys with XD45 TACTICALS, and these guys ere shooting lights out good! They showed me that they could conceal there weapons as directed by our divisions directive. Having owned a G21 in the past and having qualified chl with one before it got me to doing a little thinking about what I should do next.
    Fourth: I stand to have a rather large and obscene amount of money Friday. I must feed my addiction! But with which?

    I saw a first gen Glock 21 that I think I can get for about $500 bucks, and I already have glock magazines and tools to fit it.

    I can get a XD45 tactical for about $495, and I have extra mags and tools for it.

    Currently both these weapons would be for off duty use and I found that because I favor baggy cloths as I am a big guy, I could carry either weapon concealed.

    I like both and have shoot both. I came to this forum because it’s not Glock, and it’s not XD.
    Sometimes one needs the help of his peers to decide an issue.
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    You were getting many genuine replies from your first thread... I say if you're getting an obscene amount of money, get them both!

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    As Strange said, with the "obscene" amount of money, buy them both!

    But, I would suggest buying that you train with and use consistently. I have shot both, and know there is a difference between the two.
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    I handle both but only own XD. if you are a bigger dude then I would go for the XD. They just fit my hand better. Both are pretty close on price.
  5. I own them both (in 9mm, not 45) and personally I don't see a dimes worth of difference. Get the one you like best.

    In the long run it won't really matter. The one you get is the one you'll have. That's the one you'll practice with, carry, get used to. You'll never really know if the other one would have been "better" or not. Don't worry about it.
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    The Glock needs no introduction. It's a proven tool, but I own two XD's and I love them.

    I have the XD45 service with over 6600 rounds through it and no problems. I also have the XD40 SC with over 3500 rounds through. Same thing-no problems. Not so much as a replaced spring yet.

    I have a pretty decent collection and the XD45 is hands down my favorite pistol. Good luck on making your choice.

    And if the amount of money gets too obscene, just send a little of it my way. I've been eyeing an HK P7M8 lately. :twisted:
  7. The ergonomic fit of the pistol in your hand would be the primary factor for purchase in my opinion because both pistols are super reliable and outstanding performers. The Glock does have a longer track record than the XD does, but the XD pistols hit the market ready to TCB from the get go and are still kicking butt in all circles.

    Having shot a number of Glocks, 9mm/40/45 and some XD's in 9mm and .40S&W I tend to lean more towards the XD because it fits my hand better than the Glock does.