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  1. mudflap91

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    If you had a choice of choosing a S&W MP 9mm or a Springfield XD 9mm, which would you buy. The XD comes with some cool stuff and is $30 cheaper than the sell price of the MP. The MP has a $50 rebate and 2 clips (total of 4). Size wise, the MP fits my hand better because of the changable backstrap. However, I would like everyone opinion on these two fine guns.

  2. duker_sponk

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    I have the M&P and the extra mags and rebate are a decent perk. As for the gun, its an awesome shooter and fits well in my hand. I like the XD too. I shot one in .40 and loved every minute of it. In the end the M&P just fit better for me. It is a really tough call. Good luck!

  3. JasonJ

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    in those conditions and sale options id choose the M&P.

    id probably prefer the XD myself, but for a total of $20 less after rebate and twice the mags...
  4. I say M&P.

    But the XD is a fine pistol..... Go with what ever fits you better.
  5. Thayldt21

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    The XD9 service fit me perfect.

    The price was not a problem as I was able to get it at a very decent price once you figured all the free ammo thrown in and discounts on other items. BLAH BLAH BLAH.


    but in your situation you already said the M&P fits. I think this is the deal sealer.

    BUT if you ask me my preference..... XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

    I believe either way you will be happy.
  6. mudflap91

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    I am not sure what is included with the MP but the XD (XD gear?)comes with a holster, hard case, and some type of loader. I would think the MP comes with at least a hard case and of course a trigger lock.

  7. I have the MP 9C and it's my carry half the time. My XD is service model and I use it as my bedside and steel match pistol. I love both of them and neither has given me an ounce of problem, not once.

    My brother in law has the xd 40c which is the same size as the 9c - I've shot it, and like it, but for that size I like the M&P better.

    Net - get the one that fits you better. $20 out of $500 or so ain't worth talking about - that's a box of ammo. Both M&P and XD have real good forums for support too. Neither of them is as "friendly" as this one I think but both are very helpful. A few more "snobs" on the XD board, but I ignore them, and poke them with my HP every chance I get!
  8. Ari

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    Anyone got a field test of the M&P where they really put the pistol through the grind? Like what we have seen with the Glock and the XD?

    As of right now I like the XD
  9. AndrewST

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    I have shot the M&P and it was very pleasant to shoot. With the changeable back straps it fit like a glove. I have very small hands so it is hard to find a gun as comfortable as it.

    Both are great guns, but if I was buying it...I would go with the M&P.
  10. Whittey

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    Go shoot both and choose whichever one feels better. They're both good pistols and, as mentioned above, $20 in the end isn't a huge amount of cash, so just go with whatever feels best. I chose XD's.

  11. XD all day long. Plus XD Gear has a shooters pack or something that comes with 3 mags, a molded mag holder, a case, and I think a loader all for 40 bucks or so, worth every penny. So yea, XD XD XD
  12. M&P .40 owner

    I have owned for about 6 months a M&P .40. I have about 600 rounds through it and I have only 1 FTF, and that was in the first 100 rounds. I have fired 4 or 5 different kinds of ammunition through it and it has eaten everything. It was accurate out of the box. It is easy to disassemble and clean. I would buy another in a heartbeat if I had the money. That being said I have only handled the XD and never shot one, so I really can not compare the two.
  13. NWdude83

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    Gun Tests magazine picked M&P over Glock.
  14. Ari

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  15. elguapo

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    I dont know: I have shot the XD, but not the S&W.
    I liked the grip angle of the XD, vs the Glock.
    More than likely I will actually need to handle/shoot a S&W before I can make a judgement on that.
  16. Uraijit

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    The XD fits my hand better than the M&P. I would personally go with the XD, but if the M&P feels better to you, I'd go with that. Twice the mags is nice too!

    Still, I'm sold, and I'm going to be getting the XD or a Glock.
  17. I have shot both M&P and XD's, you cant go wrong with either pistol when it comes down to feed, function, reliability and warranty. The BIG thing would be which pistol fits your hand best. Price wise $30 isnt big enough a deal to matter.
  18. I owned an XD-9 Service for a while and I really did like it, but once I bought the M&P 45 I never looked back. It fits really well in my hand and I shoot it pretty well. When I think about it, I found a larger caliber that is comfortable to shoot as the 9mm...