XD9 Range day.

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    Well short and sweet. After the C-9 spit out 150rds I had a left over 300+.
    I had to let the wife shoot some too.

    Any way the dang thing was Bad anal cavity.

    Not one single prob except loading those 16 round mags. thimbs were sore after the c-9 so the XD gear mag loader was a gift from above.
    I posted some shoot and SEE targets in the range report.

    The paper targets rip as I took them off so I did not salvage them.

    I would recomend the XD 9 to any one wanting one hell of a pistol.
    Dead on right out of the box. Just remember to squize not pull. lol
    Also surprisingly long pull on triger but baby smooth All the way to the bang.
    recoil was far less than expected after fireing the C-9.same caliber but just a differnt catigory.

    Wife said it was the easiest gun to use she has fired yet. But she likes that little P22 the most as it fits her best.
  2. Are you shooting the full size , compact or the sub- compact? I'm getting my wife a XD9 ,but I haven't decided on the compact or sub-compact. The sub compact is very short hand grip , but it has a extended magizine that can be used for at the range use. I'm not certain how she would like the shorter grip.
    The compact has a longer grip whitch makes is more comfortable to shoot , but would be more difficult to purse carry. Any comments?

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    I have the XD 9 service 4" 16 rds. I looked at the sub with the grip extend but it still felt odd.
    The service just felt right, And with it's sad puppy dog eye's I had to take it home.

    I made the right choice for me.

    One hell of a good shooter.

    I am slightly worried about CCW as it is a little larger than the SC.
    But I am sure Iwon't have much problems. I am not large 6' and 155-165 depends on how much MC d's I eat and if I hit the crapper. lol

    I'd suggest gripping a few models with the mag etender on the SC to see what feels best to you. I also looked at Glock 19 and ( 26 I think).

    Good luck and let us know what calls your name.
  4. Cool!!!! Range time is good time!!!
  5. Was going to go to the range with Striker1 tomorrow but as he's got to work and I have my wife's birthday party it's not going to happen this weekend. Maybe next weekend will work out better.