XD9 Zero, C9 One

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  1. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. My nephew came to visit and, naturally, we headed out to the range. He just loves his XD9 and likes to crack on my C9 by calling it a "mini bus". I'm not exactly sure what that reference is all about, but it think it has something to do with it being heavy, big, bulky, and unfashionable in his opinion. That doesn't mean it won't go bang or isn't accurate - he just won't buy one out of fashion.

    Anyway, we were shooting all the guns... and his XD9 had a failure to eject. What? I had to pick on him because he brought his gun dirty to the range. Well, he cleaned it up and loaded up another mag. Woops, he had another FTE! Then he started loading up his magazines with only 5 rounds at a time, and it went fine from there. My C9? No problems whatsoever. I didn't notice this right away, but on our way home from the range, I had to tease my nephew a little bit with that epiphany: Your XD9 was having issues while my C9 - which you think is unfashionable - didn't have any issues. Which is more reliable?

    But, of course, I couldn't convince him to consider buying one. He already knew my C9 was reliable. That's not what was holding him back from getting a HP. I guess it's those same old snob reasons. It's like buying a pair of Nikies versus some bo-bos from Wal-Mart. Well, I liked shooting his XD9 too - I even liked it better than my new-to-me Glock 17. It's a good gun, but I couldn't help but tease him :)
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    Wow I would have trouble believing this story. ;) As I own an XD and there is no way they are equal except the caliber.

    Now I don;t need to defend XD But I will poke fun AT YOU. Heck he's your kid. lol

    Didn't you teach him how to care for firearms. :) I'vr been told Like Father Like Son. :p

    I'm J/King

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    It was his nephew.. Not his son.. :roll:

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    Yep: had the old JHP vs XD40 "Jam moment" when I first got it. The JHP? Ran like a top. His XD? ....well, he had to go get it fixed. :)
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    Oops my bad. Oh well jokey on.
  6. hmmmm. Gotta tell ya, my XD won't load some kinds of HP's unless the feed ramp shines like a mirror. The C9 eats anything I've fed it. So a dirty XD doesn't surprise me based on my experience.

    The opportunity to bust your nephew, for months to come, should not be taken lightly - savor EVERY minute of it!