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    What a sight :D

    I can't wait to get one...although I seem to be having troubles with life's eternal question....Which is better GLOCK or XD...I have read so many reviews that I think I am going blind now...and thats after excluding the M&P from the possibles (when I graduate, the institution that I will hopefully be working for issues them as service arms, in .40 cal...)
    I honestly think they are both exceptional guns...AAAHHHH!!!!! :evil:
  2. MSCHU24

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    How many rounds does it hold?

  3. 9 rounds or 12 rounds -- 2 different magazines
  4. Ari

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    It is pretty. XD baby
  5. JasonJ

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    its going to come down to silly things that make the difference..

    for most people, its grip angle. the XD has a nicer grip angle to many.. but some shooters like the Glock.

    the XD DOES have external safety's... which to me is nice. not that i dont trust the Glock internal safety's... but i feel better with external ones as well.
  6. Both are quality pistols, but as it has already been stated, grip angle and comfort should be your most pressing concerns when you are buying a pistol. I like the Glock 36 single stack that I shot a few weeks ago, a great CCW gun. The grip angle still sucked for me, but the grip wasn't so wide that it was too unbearably uncomfortable.
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    Glocks are great ( My Dad has a few and I have shot them) but I love my XD. Started with a 4in 40 XD traded it this summer for a 9MM XDsc for ease of carry, price of ammo and same ammo as my 995.
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    I am going to have to ring in here on the grip angle on these two pistol types: I like the XD better. I have shot both.
  9. I have to chime in here as well and say that I have a glock 19 and had a glock 17 and to me the xd is a much more comfortable gun to shoot. I have not carried my glock since I got the xd now my 2 primary carry guns are the xd-9 an usp 9 I have accually been thinking about selling my glock 19 i just have not made up my mind as of yet cause it is such a nice gun and I like keeping the numbers up in my gun collection.
  10. Ari

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    it is the fully support chamber that I wanted... As I shoot nothing but reloads for practice. After reading Chaim Stein's 20k round torture test it sold me on my XD.
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    I've shot both. The XD was far and away the nicer gun to shoot. Grip was more positive, the feel was MUCH more solid (less plasticky) and has a better ring to it. And NOT that looks matter, but the XD is a far sexier gun.
  12. I like that XD Sub compact!!! If I ever decide to replace the Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm this will be the pistol I look at first. The ONLY reason I didnt consider a sub compact Glock when I bought my Taurus is the external safety. I definitely prefer an external safety on any striker fired pistol I carry for CCW.

  13. JasonJ

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    then the XDSC is your gun
  14. First, you won't go wrong with ether gun. I picked the XD because of the grip safety and it felt a little nicer in my hand. It is with me it at all times.
  15. I really do love the XDs, now I am curious is the SC less accurate than the service/tactical model due to the shorter barrel or is the difference in the sight radius/length of slide...
  16. SAMPO,

    Going from a full size (service size) pistol to a sub compact you will loose some accuracy, bullet velocity and terminal energy, but you gain a more concealable weapon that's likely to be on you when you need it instead of left behind because its too large to carry. Sub compact autos are like snubbies of the revolver world, they are made for concealed carry more than target shooting.
  17. I like XDs over Glocks. Again it's the grip angle. I believe it's the same as the 1911, which for me is very comfortable. I would feel 110% comfortable with a glock, but would prefer an XD. The XD subcompact is at the top of the list of CCW if I can afford it when I get to the point of purchasing one.
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    The Xd 9 service was the best investment I have made. I would bend your arm to make you get an XD. They are a fine pistol.

    And If all remember MR. Moogle himself gave his seal of approval.

    XD all the way. the wave of the new generation. LOL