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  1. Hi Guys,

    Been a while since I had the time to be active on the forum, I though I'd just drop in and say howdy. Things were getting a little hectic with work and my photography projects, I had to cut back on the screen time. You know how it can be, I'd read the boards almost every night, some nights for four or five hours. I just wasn't getting stuff done.

    Well I've taken a couple of days off to rest up. I'm having some knee surgery done on Tuesday, and won't the able to get around much for a couple of weeks, so I'll have a great excuse to catch up with the forum.

    My big project that was sapping all my time and energy was my book launch. Yep, I've put together a little book of my photography and I'm publishing it myself. Having a bit of a celebration on December 1st, the whole project has taken about 10 years to complete.

    Ten years!!! You think thats a long time, well I finished writing my novel last year and that took 17 years!

    I just hope my photography book is recieved a little more warmly, because it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to read my novel. Even my wife wouldn't read it! Hah.

    Other than that, not a lot else to report, except that we (the survivalist group I'm in) have finally got a lease to a bit of property out in the country. It's not be any means a good retreat location, more of a way station - somewhere where we can meet, wait up a month or two if we have to, then decide what's to be done.

    Other good (gun) news is that after a year of stuffing around with my Kimber 1911, getting numerous jams with my crappy reloads, I finally got it sorted and she runs real sweet now. I had a hunch that it was all down to my reloads... the supplier who sold me the projectiles told me not to crimp, later I discover this is just plain wrong and ordered a taper crimp die... but that took over 6 months to ship in!

    I loaded a batch and shot them yesterday and I didn't have any failures in 100 rounds. Things are looking good. And it sure is a lot more fun to shoot when you don't have to clear jams on every mag. That is a fabulous little gun now.

    Well thats all from your buddy in Australia, I hope to be around a bit more now,


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    Well it's good to have you back. Congrats on your book!

  3. Wow, seems as if you have had a pretty busy time of late. Good to have you back, and well wishes on the book. We're steadily getting most of the old crowd back on the boards since the move, and we're glad you're back with us!
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    Welcome back amigo!
  5. Glad your back man! 8)
  6. Welcome back, OEK !!! I really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your pictures on the other board! You may need to re-post the pictures of your "shelter" sometime! 8)
  7. Welcome back King!
    I'm glad to see you finally made it back onto the forum. Missed hearing from you. Hope you're still keeping Australia in line and out of trouble.
  8. Howdy. Good to have you with us.
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    I concur on that, OEK! That and the homemade "Bow" rocked...