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  1. just came back from my local gun shop and I am now the proud new owner of a c9 and 995. I will get some pic's up later but got them both NIB for $305+tax I thought that was a pretty good deal
  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

    I also have the C9/995 combo and really enjoy them.

  3. YOU - made a good deal. Now, there's no 28 scantily clad models with silver suit cases, or a bald comedian to tell you that - but you done well!!!
  4. man i wanted to see the models ;), well i already have a HP .40 handgun so I think now i can say i have the bug, lol
  5. also trading my rossi .45colt/.410 to my father-in-law for a NIB H&R .500 S&W which will come in probably Monday, there goes my stimulus check and then some, :D
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    The local shop where I picked up my HP995 have a 380 pistol...$90 + tax..
  7. nice, they were about that here a year ago, I wish I would have jumped on it then,
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    prices here are about 150 for a c9, 200 for a 40/45, and 220 for a carbine. they can't keep them in stock.
  9. they had quite a few handguns but only one carbine, guy told me that they had to call the distributor and basically just get in line cuz they were in such high demand.
    pic's will be posted tonight hopefully, My digital camera is at my parents so I have no way to get a pic at the moment :(
  10. Made out pretty good on that one. Have fun, and get pics up or I'm sending the gunny after you :)
  11. Sorry it took me so long I been working so much lately by the time I get home I forget to take the pictures, but at least the gunny didn't get me yet, lol

  12. man I love the 995! had a little more recoil than I expected from a pistol caliber but is very nice, took it to 50 yd today and it is on the money. "I LOVE THIS GUN" definately another satisfied customer
  13. Good looking pics there, skitzo.
  14. Congrats. A democrat somewhere cries because of your purchase.

  15. LOL I sure hope so