does snow in Arizona..

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    It's melted a bit from the 4 day long snowstorm (down a foot from the previous 3 foot total), but it's still playing hell with traffic. It had rained a full day before the snow started, so that meant a nice hearty layer of black ice underneath the comming 3 feet of white stuff.

    And...did I mention the shoveling?!?! Or perhaps that it was my FIRST time driving in snow like this? The funny part was that I was the ONLY guy at work who actually carried a compressor, a small bag of sodium chloride and a trenching shovel? I mean, I'm the poverbial new guy and even these Flagstaff veterans weren't prepared. Most didn't have 4WD, and those who had regular cars had NO snow chains at all. This is out of a group of 30 workers, and only 3 of us had enough ability to drive out. We spent the previous night digging and pulling those who weren't prepared.

    I love my little Tracker. I hate snow.

  2. All I see in those pictures is absolute Beauty! Snow is so awesome!

    Glad you were prepared Neo, always a good feeling eh?

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    It is beautiful and just right for the holiday season. But from someone in the Phoenix area, the only ice that I like is in a glass with Scotch and water. Merry Christmas!
  4. Nice pix, Neo. So far we've only had about 4 inches of snow. Of course, it has been raining ever since. Typical Ohio!
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    Try Elk hunting in that crap for a week while sleeping in a tent. :lol:
    I did that 5 years ago up around lake mary, December cow elk hunt.
    We could never get our outer wear dry.

    But the Elk meat was great!!!!
  6. Wow, that looks nice. It's unseasonably warm here in NC, I can't believe we're this far north and it's in the 70s.
  7. Dropping into the single digits now for the rest of the weekend.

    Any one want to trade for some warmer temps?
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    Closest I came to seeing that was off in the distance mountain tops near Yuma, and next to Sierra Vista....and that was just fine by me.
  9. Youve got more snow there than we have in north dakota.........
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