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Yeah, this is another "me too" range report, however I'm so pleased with the ATI stock and Bushman trigger I had to say something.

Over the past year or so I've put maybe 500 rounds or so through the original-stocked 995. I initially had a magazine feed problem that Beemiller took care of.

A month or so ago I got a bug to switch to the ATI stock, and of course once I saw the Bushman trigger I needed that also. As of today I have about 200 rounds of both JHP and FMJ, both "regular" and +P through the new configuration without a single problem. The magazines seat securely and there is no issue with the charging handle.

Ok, I admit to one problem: I forgot to lock-tite the front sight set-screws and the damn things worked loose on me at the range.

Now I heed to sight the 995 in. The current 995 limitations are due to the shooter and not the carbine. I know others haven't all had such great experiences with this combination, however this is a report from one guy who must have lucked out.

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Its always good to hear from someone that has something good to say.

Glad to hear that the ATI stock is working good for you. :)
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