Yet another new C9 range report...

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    Ok, first things first: This Hi-Point C9 will be just FINE for what I bought it for - WITH ROUNDNOSE AMMO: Sitting on a shelf in the kitchen, round chambered, no concerns about reloading.

    Testing with Hollow Point ammo is yet to come - so "we'll see".


    What has been said here on the forums and elsewhere seems to be pretty much true - here's how it went down:

    I had done some dry firing and hand cycling with snap caps, with varying results, but not "too bad". 1st mag of real ammo (Herter's brass FMJ) jammed on loading 1st round - HARD. Unfarkled that, and applied the suggested mag lip modification. Reloaded mag, it chambered 1st round. Shot the mag with no malfunctions. Nice shooting gun as you'd expect from the weight, and I was putting several bullets through an enlarged hole most of the time. Very repeatable.

    2nd mag (of 3): A rinse and repeat of the 1st, once modified, it was fine.

    3rd mag: You guessed it, rinse and repeat. Modified it, and life was good.

    Reloaded the mags with the remaining of the 50 rds of Herter's brass FMJ, had a time or two of having to hit the back of the slide to get 1st round to chamber, but it would chamber and fire the entire mag just fine.

    NOW - the remaining 100 rds of the 150 rds total shot, were Herter's Aluminum case TNJ (Nylon coated) made by Blazer. Whether it was the Aluminum case or the nylon coating, or just COAL, the problems chambering the 1st round got worse. I found that if I rode the slide forward, the gun would go into battery OK. I tried this from both lock open position as well as closing the slide, loading the mag, and doing a full cycle of the slide. No difference, it did NOT like chambering the 1st round of this stuff (and as noted, was a bit sketchy with the FMJ). HOWEVER, it "seemed" that as time went on, my "ride forward" got smoother and easier, but I didn't re-try a normal sling-shot (next time). But once the 1st round was chambered, the entire mag went through flawlessly...

    EXCEPT -

    About this point in time, the gun decided it didn't want to lock open after last round fired. It had been locking open with the FMJ just fine, but not this stuff - UNTIL - the last 5 or 6 mags full, when it decided to work again and continued to lock open.

    The conclusions I've drawn at this point are:

    1) It seems the gun needs breaking in - which is consistent with what I've read pretty much everywhere. 200-250 rds is what everyone says, I shot 150 today (well, actually 151, I had one (mil-surp) round from my last range trip with a different gun that didn't go off despite 3 re-strikes. Much to my amazement, it went off in this gun). The hold back problem seemed to improve, and the 1st round loading seemed smoother. More data is needed.

    2) The magazines need the lip mod everyone talks about.

    3) The jury is still out on the 1st round load problem. Dunno if it will self-fix with more rounds through it, or if I'll need to polish the feed ramp, or if replacing the mag spring will help. More data is obviously needed, I'll replace the spring in one of the mags for next time so I can A/B the situation.

    4) I need to test with hollow points, as that's what I'm going to load the gun with. Don't care too much if it has a 1st round problem with HP, as long as it cycles as reliably upon firing.

    5) The mags managed to pinch a tiny blood blister into my pinky finger - I think more from the (2) 10 rounders than the (1) 8 round example. They latch in OK, but the bottom end is loose enough to rattle around like Obama's brain in a gnat's ass!

    A Glock it ain't, but we all know that - It may very well turn out to be just fine with a bit of tweaking and more rds through it - which would be consistent with what I've read elsewhere.

    On a different note, I also shot 50 rds of .32ACP through my late father's Beretta 3032 "TomCat". Its been awhile since I've shot this gun. Very sharp recoil pulse, which bangs the trigger guard against my trigger finger to the point of painfulness. I was within a minute of bad guy with it, but my accuracy was just plain embarrassing! A target gun it ain't!
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    Oh, and as an aside, you might enjoy this video that features the "Gangsta Gun" $100 bill Hi-Point:

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    At the range today. One guy had a C9. Complaining about the 10rd mag jamming. I could have been more helpful.

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    Try some UMC JHP's from Wally...............
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    It didn't seem to make much difference whether it was the 1 8 rd, or one of the (2) 10 rd mags - they all behaved the same. Which is, at least, something!
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    [QUOTE="Zorba, post: 2439169, member: 57149"
    3) The jury is still out on the 1st round load problem. Dunno if it will self-fix with more rounds through it, or if I'll need to polish the feed ramp, or if replacing the mag spring will help. More data is obviously needed, I'll replace the spring in one of the mags for next time so I can A/B the situation.
    I have dinked and dinked with the 1st round load problem on my C9 (that's the short, very short version). So I sent it back to MOM after too much dinking with mag tweaks and new parts. Long version... who cares... when I get it solved I'll post the findings.

    Hope your 1st round gremlin disappears soon.
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    I have 2 C9's. One I bought with a 995TS from a guy who got them new. Looks like new. I was on my way to the range and shot Federali aloo-mineeUm in it. Maybe 100rds. It came with 2 8rd, 1 10rd. No problems. I bought another one with an 8, and a 10. Still had the box, like new. Never shot it. I may do that in the not so distant future.

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    The video quality is crap. I almost think it is a digital camo. Also it has black grips. Maybe the grips got put on another C9.
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    Now that you mention it, you may be right - its very hard to tell. Whatdaya expect from a security video on YouToob?
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    You're teasing him now:stir:
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    teasing me would be grainy video of pretty women stripping while holding a gun on the clerk and snagging the money..........