Y'know....sometimes things just work out.....new gun, no $$$

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  1. So, I've wanted a 1911 for quite some time, but haven't been able to find one of the RIA persuasion or any other brand in my price range....and I can't afford to dump $500 and up for a Springfield or anything like that. I talked with a friend of mine today, and he just happens to have a SA 1911, GI model, that has a little wear on the slide and is just a little beat up, but otherwise is fine. He is a wheelgun kind of guy however, so he is open to trading for it. I have my Carcano rifle and 20 GA shotgun I'm looking to get rid of, and he agreed to trade the two for the 1911! So I am going down this afternoon to make the trade.

    I'm psyched, I finally get my 1911, and I don't have to spend anything out of pocket! (And I free up space in the gun cabinet....wife's been nagging me about that for a while now...) :D :D :D

    And yes, I will post pics once I get it home this evening......I figure this will be a project, as I intend on rebluing the gun, fixing the cosmetic problems, etc.....

    The best thing? I don't have to get rid of my HP 45 to make this work..... 8)
  2. Kewlbeanz!!

    Looking forward to pix.

  3. Congrats! The 1911 is a good pistol, hope you have a lot of fun with yours.
  4. nice.. gotta love it, when things work themselves out..
  5. Or not...... :evil:

    The guy backed out at the last minute and now doesn't want to do it, after we agreed to it........let's just say this person isn't my best friend at this point....... :x

    So the search continues for a 1911.........
  6. Wow dude, that sucks. Hope it works out for you to get one.
  7. Oh man, sorry to hear that.
  8. Don't you just hate that. You workout and agree on a deal and then the person backs out at the last minute. What a let down.

    Hope you find you another one!