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    My first HP, A friend of mine calls me one day and tells me he's going to sell his 40SW JC. I ask him how much, he says 80.00. I tell him, I'm on my way.. Any hand gun thats in good working order is a steel at 80.00. Bonus it came with a hard case and 2 extra mags. After putting 200 rds of 8 different types of ammo though this Brick of a hand gun, I found it eats ammo of any type better than some hand gun that cost 4X as much. So I think I got way more than what I paid for, way more.. I liked it so much I traded a Madi 9mm I had bought for 100.00, For a New JCP, So I have a Whooping 180.00 into 2- 40SWs that work great.
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    Good move on your part. Having two guns of the same caliber make it cheaper and easier to buy ammo. I like 9mm I have 9mm pistols and carbines. I get 1,000 rounds of brass case ammo delivered to my front door for $200. Ammo is a little more expensive for the 40 cal but it will not break the bank. Some of the hotter 40 cal loads make 800 ft lb of energy from a carbine. You will pay a premium price for a 40 cal carbine ($340) but once you get the carbine you will see it was money well spent.

    I just checked gunwatcher. There are 40 cal carbines for around $250 nib.
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    Ah, Let your ADDICTION begin!
    When ever you sell other guns to buy more Hi Points, You've got it BAD!