"you shouldn't be able to 'just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic"

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Hermitt, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Well..... He had to have something he could say, mission accomplished to...
    I'll be back, I'm running to the store to buy me another semi pistol before the start doing checks.

  3. Not2ManyGuns

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    Just think, if Obama didn't play so much golf, and take so many vacations with his family, he would be spending a lot more time attempting to destroy the rights of Americans guaranteed in the Constitution.
  4. I'll fix it for the next time the guy who is running the teleprompter enters it:

    "so you can walk into a store and not just buy a semi-automatic, but a fully automatic also."
  5. Rerun

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    Before the Gun Control Act of 1934, any American who wasn't locked up in a asylum (OR lived in NY City)could buy a fully automatic sub-machinegun OR machinegun and go home with it same day.

  6. Wasn't that part of the raw deal given to us by FDR?
  7. Rerun

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    Who was another 'progressive/liberal' elected to office to 'change things'...

  8. Moestooge

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    You shouldn't be able to be born in Kenya and get elected president of the U.S.
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    Then I hope he doubles up on the golf games then. :mad:
  10. ekim

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    You shouldn't be able to walk into congress and buy a politician but it happens every day, even the president is up for a price, right nobama?
  11. Bull

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    His Illinois senator seat sure was.
  12. Stogies

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    You also should not be able to buy yourself a Presidency.
  13. .

    Keep an eye on Bloomberp. He has SHOWN a desire to buy whatever office or law he wants.
  14. Moestooge

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    Is that Obama or Homobama? Check his connections.
  15. Wouldn't it be great if you could 'hack' the teleprompter? This clown is so dependent on it he'd never realized what he was saying.
  16. well Zero is right, If I read the quote correctly.

    I should be able to order one off the internet and have it delivered directly to me with no middle man involved. Why should I have to drive to the store for one?
  17. Love it when folks get off on using faulty 'facts' to slam anyone including the POTUS. He is not Kenyan any more than I am Italian because my father was!

    POTUS - if you what to shoot off remember Dubya!
    Reasonable background checks are fine
    Check how much time the first Bush was at Kennebunkport and his sleepy-headed son Dubya and his time in Lubbock. And don't say they were working!
    FDR gave us the CCC that saved the butts of many American families, the TVA, better regs for the banks that caused the depression and he rallied this nation to go to war with Japan and Germany.

    And here I thought this was a Hi Point Carbine forum Instead it looks like Faux News, lol.

    Just one more armed liberal, a Marine for ever, and a curmudgeon to the deserving.


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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1404150700.206272.jpg
    Whatever works for you....
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    Fixed that for you