You Sound Like Dad!!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bigmfkp, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. bigmfkp

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    Hello Friends.
    Maybe You to have been told You are starting to sound like Dad. My Sister conveyed that to Me Saturday afternoon. My Brothers & I were saying bye to My Sister in My front yard when a fella in His early 20's pulled up to the house across the street. When He parked on the curb He turned His car stereo up so loud that We couldn't hear ourselves talk. after minute of this incredibly rude & disrespectful act of stupidity He turned the noise off. So I asked Him when He got out of His car, Excuse Me but why the hell would You drive to Your destination without playing that noise but when You arrive You turn it on so loud it disrupts the whole Neighborhood??? that doesn't make sense at all I said politely but firmly. Without an answer He just gave a stupid grin & went into His buddies house. My Sister laughed & said You are starting to act like Dad used to. You are turning into a grump. I responded by saying I didn't know expecting common sense & decency out of someone qualified Me as a grump. You have Dads sarcasm too boot She said. Even My Wife has referred to Me as being an Archie Bunker on occasion when dealing with blatant stupidity. I guess being disrespectful & acting like a idiot is the in thing & I'm just not "Hip" to it LOL!!
    Happy & Safe Shooting Friends :D
  2. tallbump

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    i guess I sound like your Dad too. I'm proud to be a grump

  3. I use Dad-isms all the time.

    My favorite is something like "close the door, we are not heating ( or air conditioning) the entire neighborhood"

    And of course the ever popular " turn that crap down"
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Every once in a while I hear my dad say something...and then realize, that was me.;)
  5. Bull

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    I find myself unable to finish a sentence, because I know if I do, someone's gonna be crying.... My daughter frequently leaves me with a vein throbbing in my brain.
  6. bluharley

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    Kids these days! Many have no respect, then they join a gang, go to prison, and demand does that work????
  7. Let me preface my comments with I'm 45.

    So based on your comment, we can infer that you've never cranked the radio/stereo/TV/computer when it got to a part you really wanted to have drown out everything else?

    And you've never done so without realizing it might be too loud for anyone else?

    Add to that, the act didn't appear to bother someone who actually lives in the same neighborhood at the kid? But you a visitor were offended by it?

    It's not like he cranked it for a long time...

    BTW: I frequently crank my stereo up, with the windows down, oh the horror of it... While I'm driving into my neighborhood heading to my house. Granted, I'm only pushing out about 150watt x4, but big deal. I'm not doing it durning the quite hours (10p-7a) and there's no foul language.

    I'm more annoyed by kids playing/running blindly into the street, dogs crapping on my property and the owners leaving it, speeders, and a few other things.
  8. bscar

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    was it something you could understand the lyrics to, or was it one of those things where it was nothing but bass playing from a ghetto stereo system?
  9. Branth

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    From a distance, most songs are kinda reduced to drum-line and some instrumentals.

  10. Here's the way I put it:
    I'm past the middle of my life.
    I don't have time left to waste on fools, morons or other idiots. :cool:

  11. I well remember when my youngest son asked ME to turn down the music. I don't know who was the most surprised... :D

  12. Sometimes a bullet is required... :mad:
  13. TRWXXA

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    That really simplifies life, as that range includes a significant portion of the population.

    Always remember: Half the people on the planet are below average.

    And I type this while still trying to calm down after making two... TWO... brake-pedal-to-the-floor, panic stops in a single 19-mile drive, to avoid T-boning a couple of fools, morons, and/or idiots turned loose on public roads.
  14. bluharley

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    Really makes me wonder about my survival chances riding a motorcycle in Florida, and the snow birds aren't here yet!
  15. bigmfkp

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    I as well as My Siblings were raised to RESPECT the People around Us. Not only is it incredibly selfish, disrespectful & inconsiderate to do what that Young Man did but it is also to some degree sad that a Person needs conformation so badly that one is willing to portray themselves as such. Also IF You understood My article You would have noticed I said My Brothers & I were saying bye to My Sister in MY front yard so HE was the visitor in the Neighborhood not Me. Making excuses for disrespect is certainly not doing young Men like that any Justice or favors.
    Happy & Safe Shooting Friend. :D
  16. papataylor

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    Sure I've cranked the tunes, but not in an effort to deafen myself.

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  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah. But you don't do it with people trying to talk to each other 50 feet away. That's rude, inconsiderate, immature....I could go on. Because I actually realize that the entire universe doesn't revolve about me and my desires.

    So what? Visitor or not, you don't need to be a prick to people.

    Long enough to bother me is too danged long.

    Not even close to the same thing. Driving by, I get 10-15 seconds of thinking you are an idiot, or maybe enjoying the tunes. Sitting there at the house, it's almost intentionally in my face, inconsiderate anti-social behavior.

    99 times out of 100, it's distorted so bad by the crappy system with a bajillion watts and some nasty floppy woofer, plus car parts rattling, that it isn't actually music, it's literally just noise.

    Honestly, they brag about watts, but none of them knows about impedance, SPL, distortion, frequency's just sad.
  18. bscar

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    I think, if it happens frequently, your other neighbors might not hear that gun shot or the bullet hitting the engine block of the car playing said noise.
  19. planosteve

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    I will be the first the admit that one of my fantasies is to walk up to the drivers side of said vehicle blasting the music at 3 am and politely asking the driver to turn it down. Said driver tells me to FO. So I shoot the radio. Like I said just a fantasy.

  20. I remember this happening a few years ago down in FLA; apparently the old guy got away with it... :p