You want it SMALLER?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. What's our motto here? Pics or it didn't happen?
    Just sayin...
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  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That's just nuts....

    Well, maybe not so much...:blush:
  3. SteveC

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    Crazy indeed. I was asked once if I wouldn't want to have a 10 inch member. I said I was not cutting off two inches for anyone.

    Loved this: "There comes a time in every urologist's career that a patient makes a request so rare and impossible to comprehend that all training breaks down and leaves the physician speechless," Carrion told the Daily Mail.
  4. Irishfanatik

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    He confused his surgeon for his barber, "Just a little off the top."
  5. SWAGA

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    Well.....stop trying to have sex with teenage girls....
  6. Rachgier

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    Actually, from the article I took it as he told them to leave the top and fade the sides.....:eeksign:

    He's 17, what else is he supposed to hump?

    He should have gone in to porn.
  7. yeah i read this last week. Cant blame the poor kid, the x-ray pictures were nasty.

    It was not natural. looked like a billy club.
  8. SteveC

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    seeing that, I'll set the jokes aside - poor kid!
  9. SWAGA

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    Ok now I understand it.
    As probably 90% I assumed length and not girth.
    What he has there is a genuine medical condition.
  10. bluharley

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    Yea, I get it now. No wild foxes begging for that thing.
  11. I bet they are now.
    The doctor commented that he was left with something most men would consider very generous
  12. FlashBang

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    Brother... IF you had 12" you wouldn't have a p3nis... you would have a foot! :rofl:
  13. Think1st

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    I guess his screen name would have to be punish'er.
  14. MaryB

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    Bunch of you wishing... quit looking at the MM scale of the ruler!
  15. Branth

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  16. SWAGA

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    What's up Branth? You have me on ignore or something? Didn't I just say that?
  17. We all have you on ignore....
  18. SWAGA

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    Well, I am talking to myself here most if the time....

    * angry hair flip *