Your Tender Sensibilities!!!

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  1. So my unit's morale shirt is a tad bit risqué; it's a black T-shirt with one of the characters from Spaceballs (on of the extra guys with the giant white helmet), that says, "Small Unit, Big Balls," in reference to our radomes (for those of you who don't know what those are either, think of the Epcot Center's Spaceship Earth, that big round thing; it's not a radome but is essentially the same thing). Well, it's a very comfy shirt, so I often wear it when I'm running around base.
    Well, I was in the BX the other day, and this dependapotamus waddles up to me (you know 'em; usually around 250 pounds, at least two or three kids running around, no job, a sense of entitlement even bigger than her waistline, etc.). She jams her grubby finger in my face and goes, "My daughter can see your shirt!"
    Note: said daughter was three years old and at that moment, unattended as she attempted to shove an ice cream cone down her various face holes. So I told her its my unit's morale shirt, but she told me that it doesn't matter.
    I was having...a VERY bad day. I will not lie, I am generally quite passive. I am not a big fan of confrontation and will generally pull the eject handle as soon as I get the chance, but this morning I was not in it. I just got blunt and told her if she can read my shirt, she is too talented to care, and if at that age she can understand the double entendre it implies, there has been a parental oversight that warrants a quick report to OSI. She of course does the whole, "Oh, why I-you-I-blubber blubber blubber blubber" thing and I took the opening and got the eff out.

    God I hate these people. Sadly, I was at Wright-Patterson in Ohio before this, I....have actually seen worse.
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    I understand.

    Someone on a FB group I belong to decided to work very very hard, and take "offense" over a joke meme that was posted. The resulting flame war lasted most of the day.

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    Learned a new word today!!!

    Dependapotamus noun 1. Military wife who took advantage of an inebriated service man and used him as a sperm donor. Usually gains 150-200 pounds in the process, and never loses the "baby fat" :D

    Pretty Close, FB? :rofl:
  4. Precisely correct.

    There are three classes:

    1. Dependent - normal spouse, minimum sense of entitlement, pretty much blends in.
    2. Dependa - Not quite a dependapotamus, but an almost equal sense of entitlement and arrogance. They can sort of go unnoticed for a while but have no problem jumping out of a crowd and letting you know how much more important they are than you.
    3. Dependapotamus - see definition above.

    There is of course the fourth class, a class of its own: officer's wife. Takes his rank and wears it on her own collar/chest/hat. Demands the same level of respect and will actually pursue official channels to discipline you if you don't show it.
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    I saw that one, too. Funny what you can pichk up from just a few memes on Google Images :D

    I got a word for that "officer's wife class" of dependa.
    Rhymes with "crunt" ;)
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    PS: Before I started my career, I worked fast food. Our boss/owner/manager (many hats, just getting started) was an Air Force retiree. Last rank was just under a "full bird" Colonel. (Lieutenant Colonel, right?)
    Anyways, he was there full time and really good to work for. But his wife, while a fairly nice lady, was just there for payroll and maybe one other day a week, on average. The problem was that she sometimes created havoc by coming out of the office and issuing orders, which were sometimes in conflict with what he wanted or just bad timing. Usually a "do it now" type of thing. He led by example, she gave orders :p Sounds like a similar type thing, does it not? :rofl:
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    Liberals. Always worried that conservatives will tell them how to live. Irony.
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    How about a photo of the shirt?

  9. 'Tis the image that began the conflict.

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    Oh mah gawd I'm shocked!!
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    That lady (term used loosely) needs to go suck a few balls. :rofl:
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    That's really not offensive, at all....
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    I could wear that to church with no issues.....that person had issues way deeper than your shirt.
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    Someone was just looking for confrontation...

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  15. Some of those conservative dependatomouses(lol?)need to get a grip on life. They are tearing this country apart!

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    Misdirection, By Design :rolleyes:

    I guarantee she quit, right after the ring went on... :rolleyes:
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    PC Control. Started by the controlling left and I can assure you on topic.
  18. How do you loose baby fat when your never not knocked up?
    And why do they call it baby fat when its a 8 pound kid and they gain forty pounds.
    Just sayin.
  19. MY wife gained forty pounds and our kid was 8 lbs 10 oz. She went from 110 to 150, but now she's down to around 120 or so.
    She's looking so damn good but thanks to her frame and the size of the baby, I'm still spending time with Rosie Palms and her five sisters for a while.
  20. I remember being in the grocery store check out line with the 6 ? year old step kid with me. There was a 300 hundred pound hefalump in front of us. Her phone started beeping for what ever reason. I leaned over and said to the kid not so quietly.. " watch out she's backing up " kid about lost it right there!
    Woman looked at me and I said "wuuut? "