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    I was wondering what kind of shotgun I should buy for my niece. She wants to go hunting with me and I figured a good shot gun would be nice. I got a 20GA for my 16th Birthday and loved it. A mossberg pump. however it is to long for her to shoot comfortably. I have looked into a youth stock but they are almost as much as a new single shot youth. I was wondering if anyone had input as to what brand single shot would be good. I was looking at the rossi youth single shot since for $100 if she doesnt like hunting it is no big loss and I can use it for playing around or pass it on to a friend. Also most single shots come with modified chokes. which if i remeber right is what mine has. It is okay to fire slugs with a modified choke right? Any info is great.
  2. You can't go wrong with a H&R Versa Pak or the equivalent from New England Firearms. I bought my son the 410/22 combo and he loves it. Had I knew, however, how much ammo for a 410 cost I'd have gone with a 20 gauge for sure.