Yugo AK-47 type M70 B2 Underfolder

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Get the M70?

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  1. Thinking of getting one from classicarms, but need help. The credit card really needs to get paid off... but not desperately so (I can maintain a healthy balance as is... not like I'm in over my head in debt). The guy who clued me in to them is buying two himself, so we'd get the group discounted rate of $30 off for the grand total of $420 each + $30 Shipping/FFL. They come with two 30 round mags. Now, here's the thing. The reason I brought up buying it now is I can only see the prices of these things going up... and by quite a bit, I might add. To get it or not to get it, that is the question.
  2. urotu

    urotu Member

    I'm the wrong guy to ask, I want an underfolder so bad I can taste it.

    The Classic Arms Yugos are a great deal too, I'd be all over them.

  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    It is only money :) I think I would like the saiga better but what they hay... Get the group buy. You will have fun jump on it while you can. Then buy a bunch of ammo.
  4. I'd have to modify the Saiga to take 30 rd mags... more trouble than its worth (for me at least... i know nothing of gunsmithing).
  5. Glennfrank

    Glennfrank Member

    Surefire mags aren't really THAT expensive. $40 or so for a 30 & no need to install a feed ramp or file anything down on the saiga- just an option (and the way I'm going).
  6. urotu

    urotu Member

    I own a Saiga, and a conversion is enough work without trying to make an underfolder out of it.

    So far, all I have seen is that the reciever is different on the underfolders, dimensionally, so a conversion would be a ton of work.

    Surplus mags are about $18-20 for 30rd, at least here.

    I guess I got lucky with my Saiga, no bullet guide, no mods to the catch, no mods to the mags, it all works just fine.
  7. uncle jerky

    uncle jerky Well-Known Member

    I vote YES that you get 1 of these guns ASAP,money permitting,because if Hilarious Cleenton(Hilary Clinton) or Barium Enema(Barack Obama) get into office,either/or,the legit gun market for these types of weapons is going to dry up quicker than Neothespian's Phoenix humidity! And, you will kick yourself in the hiney for not going thru with it. On a Yugo,you don't have to didley squat to it,it's already a bonafide AK 47,but I bet Classic Arms guns are BATF compliant and that is GOOOD. I sound so positive about this because I just got an M70,but not the underfolder.This is a really mean mutha of a gun and it looks the parts as well. I bet you will change your name from 4095 fanatic to AK7 fanatic?!
  8. I normally say Saiga on any of these questions EXCEPT when it comes to Yugos.

    Yugos are the exception since they are as well built as Saigas. The only real advantage that the Saiga gives you is that they are Russian.

    As for the Century built underfolders, they are probably some of the best built Centurys out there and I normally find Century guns to be not the best finished.

    They use NodakSpud receivers (best receiver on the market) and new barrels since most Yugos have shot out barrels.

    I would go for the Yugo Underfolder over the saiga if those were your choices. I dont' think underfolders are going to be around forever and if bans occur, they are some of the meanest looking.

    Oh yeah, Yugos have the wide RPK style trunnions unlike the Saigas which are a standard trunnion (wide RPK trunnions are stronger).

    Only real disadvantage to a Yugo is the non-chromelined barrel but shootin wolf means that will never been an issue.
  9. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    id go for the saiga. the underfoldrs ive handled werent the most stable thing ive handled. Most had enough wobble in them to just be annoying.

  10. I have a yugo m70 and LOVE it.Never a proble, with it. It doesn't have a folding stock, but the normal wood stock. The stock in unfinished, and I like the looks of it, even though it gets dirty quick if you touch the wood when cleaning it. I need to steel wool it to make it fresh wood look again.
  11. uncle jerky

    uncle jerky Well-Known Member

    I rubbed some teak oil into the wood furniture and that darkened the wood and brought out the grain. Then, sanded it with fine steel wool,Min Wax clear spray coated it,sanded,clear coated,sanded, and a final coat of clear coat. What a transformation, and the wood, in particular the butt stock is now smooth a glass,and not so abrasive on my cheek.