Yugo PAP92 with SB-47 brace

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    Just got home from two weeks on the road to find my SB-47 brace was delivered along with Houge rubberized AK grip.

    I was having a issue with the Yugo grip and grip screw being too short because I not only have the SB-47 brace under the grip but also a sling adapter that is much thinner than the bracket on the brace. However I felt with the two together, I wouldn't have enough threads biting to have a solid setup. I was trying to not buy a grip and just get the 4.5 inch AK grip screw but since it was about $10 with shipping, I figured why not just go with the Hogue grip which uses a much shorter M6x1 screw. I then went to the local hardware and bought a screw that was about 1/2 inch longer than the one that came with the grip for $0.69, problem solved and the Hogue grip was only $16.

    Both the brace bracket and the sling adapter required grinding and shaping to contour with the grip and not protrude from the front, that only took about 20 minutes and then a quick cold blue touch up.


    Also have a CNC warrior 4 piece flash hider installed. Overall length is 28.5 inches with the flash hider and 26.5 without.


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