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    Has anyone done any distance shooting with their "stock" yugo and the open sights. Was just wondering how many yards they reliably shoot with the stock sights. In the service we shot 500 yards with open sights and was wondering if the stock sights were reliably set up yardage wise. Just trying to get a feel for it before I take it to a real range. :D
  2. uncle jerky

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    Would that be a Yugo "SKS" or a Yugo "AK47?"

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    For the SKS, we shot ours with open sites at the range. The sites are scaled for meters, so there is a little quick estimating for the difference (simple enough).

    I was able to hit the black of a 25yd pistol target at 100yds, shooting from the bench with open sites. That was shooting Bernal soft point. I'd say that is plenty accurate...
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    Thanks Carbin8r for your info, am hoping to also get someone shooting theirs a tad farther, maybe up to 300 or better. Yards info is good enough, tho the sights I know measure in meters. I usually go with 110 yards per 100 meters for a conversion factor.
    And that Yugo is in fact a SKS I have, uncle jerky.
    And hitting that 5.5 inch black at 100 yards is nice shooting.
    Thanks for the response.
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    Range of a Yugo? Well that all depends if you have the GV or the S model and how well it's maintained. I say remove the spare from under the bonnet to reduce some weight and you could get a comfy 300 miles out of it :p
  6. No experience myself, but I've heard of the SKS's being "reasonably accurate" out to 300 depending on the condition of the firearm, bore, etc.
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    Farthest I shot my Norinco open sights was 200 yds. I used the standard 25yd pistol target out there: BARELY could see it. Oh, it went out that far reliably.
  8. This sounds like rather impressive shooting for a 7.62x39. I thought that caliber was very similar to a 30-30 but apparently not. I can't imagine holding a 30-30 at a near 45 degree angle to get the lead to travel 200 yards, lol.

    I can't wait to get my Yugo out. We only have a 100 yard range but with iron sights and weak eyes it should be like shooting 500 yards. :lol:
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    I hear ya Wildman, but the balistics chart shows a 109 inch drop for the 30/30 with a 125 bullet weight for 500 yards, which is quite the muzzle elevation for sure, however the drop for a 7.69.39 is only 90 inches at that same distance using a 124 bullet weight, and hits for about 140 pounds of muzzle energy more than the 30/30 does. Using approximately the same type of bullet weight. 125 vs 124. The 30/30 is probably better at game because they are mainly a soft point vs the FMJ of the russian round.
    And I am sure you have noticed that your Yugo has the rear sight adjustment that goes to 1000 meters, I am pretty sure they did not do that for show. :lol:
    I was just hoping someone actually already did some of these long long shots. If not I guess I will be the test subject when I can.
  10. I can bounce a 12" gong at 200 yards easily no sight adjustment needed with my Russian sks. Of course I can do the same with my 30/30.
    The spire shape bullet on the 7.62 x 39 makes a big difference over the 30/30 flat point at longer distances.
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    geez.... nobody appreciates a good car joke anymore...
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  13. Uh, you made a joke about a Yugo. So, there you go... :p
  14. Sorry Neo, I missed your post. NDS, good catch! :lol:

    Postal4u, thanks for the comparisons. I don't think I've ever actually taken a shot with my 30-30 that was over 80-90 yards. Maybe it is time I try. I'll need to find a place for some long distance gong shooting with my MN, SKS, and various other guns I have. Sounds like a blast. Literally. :)
  15. Neo, I got it the first time and I thought it was funny... Hope this helps your self esteem issues. :wink:
  16. Dreamthief

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    I've hit a 300M pop up target with my yugo...
  17. I can ring the 250 yard 10 inch gong at my local range at will with my norinco sks. Took a little trial and error at first to find point of impact at that range, but it is doable. (I don't mess with adjusting the sight for range, I just use hold over with the SKS)

    On a side note tho, when I had a scope mounted on the same rifle, I was able to shoot 1 inch groups at 100 yards with that SKS, wich apparently is a rare thing for a SKS. Got called a liar several times about it, wich I turned into winning a lot of free beer when I proved them wrong. That is another gun I will NEVER part with.............
  18. Stop! Please! You guys are making me want to shoot my SKS and the dang range is still under water. I'm biting my nails so bad I have a pile of clippings building up! :lol: