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  1. Hey I just got a Yugo sks for Christmas. It is real fun to shot and accurate enough for me. I had heard that the Yugo sks was the one to get because it was made better ( machined parts and all). I do plan on a few modifications in the future. I want to add a tapco stock and mag. I would also like to get a scope for it instead of the red dot that I already had and put on it. I shot it iron sights at 50 yards and "I" was shooting a bit high.



  2. Looks like you got a good one. :wink:
  3. Nice looking rifle. I've got two of them myself.

    About the only knock I've ever heard on the Yugo's is they're heavy. They are.

    Good shooting by the way.
  4. Ari

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    Very indeed! That one has good looking wood
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    I love mine. I'm thinking of getting one of those HiTech ghost ring sights for it because I like ghost rings better than that little groove and because it fits all the way on the end of the receiver so it adds about 10" of sight radius. It makes it sort of like an M1 Grand sight.
  6. Nice looking YUGO you got there! Nothing like a sweet shootin SKS for Christmas!

  7. Thanks. I can not wait to shot it some more!
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    Try to remember to clean the rifle after shooting,especially the bolt assembly and firing pin. Beware the dirty Yugo that may slam fire! Don't forget the bore as well.
  9. Dude, I wish I was that lucky to get something like that for Christmas!!!!

    Great shootin' bro! You ate the center out of that target!!! :shock:
  10. HEY that thing shoots like crap! I think you should give it to me i will fix it for free with the great turn around time of about 20 years ok?.........Nice weapon and nice shootin!
  11. Truth be told, you want it to be a little high at 50 yards, so that it's right on at 100 yards.

    It looks like you got a good shooter.

    One more thing, I really don't like scope mounts that use the receiver cover, like the one you pictured. That piece of metal just gets hammered during recoil, and scopes lose their zero very quickly. Also, you have to remove the scope every time you clean it, which should be just about every time you shoot it. That means you have to check and possibly re-zero it every time you take it out.

    If you want good, consistent accuracy find a scout scope mount and use either your red dot or get a low power pistol scope for it.

  12. Nice shootin sir. Now scope it and push it out to 200-300 yards and see how the groups hold. Looks like a damn impressive start, that's for sure.
  13. Thanks for the comments. I am not sure if I will keep the scope mount where I have it now. I have also heard that this is not a good place for a scope. I am planning on getting ne furniture for this one though. I hope to get the new parts for it next month.