yuk a pump action AK

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  1. Mike_AZ

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    Isn't that so it can be California legal?

  2. That's being sold at Big 5 as a true AK for $179.00, and a pump action!!! I wouldn't buy it for any amount of money.
  3. I seen one of these at the new gun shop round the corner from my house, but it had wood. I think I ticked the owner off a tad with my " What is this ? Do we live in California" comment.
  4. I saw one at the local Big 5 last night. It had wood furniture on it but I didn't handle it and that pump just don't look right on it. But if it went on sale as cheap as the M44 I might give it a go.
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    For 179 bucks id buy it and convet it back to semi.

  6. Is the gun in the picture the one for sale at Big 5? It looks like a Saiga 12 gauge that has had a trigger job + pistol grip conversion. It doesn't look like a regular 7.62x39 AK. If it is the Saiga 12 with a pump, conversion, and trigger job then $179 is a great deal. While the pump certainly is not favorable, it still would be a good deal for that price.

    It is said that gun manufacturers have to cater to the stupidity of making a regular AK pump. It is disgusting.
  7. The barrel and mag does look large for a 7.62, but I have never heard of a pump Saiga shotty.
  8. Strangerous

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    This is very intresting, but i think it would look better if it had some tacticool accessories to go with it. I wouldn't mind having one... but for the simple ease of use... no gas tube/piston/whatever to malfunction... probably would go in the BOB for sure... many of deer around here have fallen to the 7.62x39, and i'm sure more will fall in the years that come. I wonder how accurate that thing is... ?
  9. Yup the pics are the same. The pic in this thread is the Saiga 12 pump, not an AK pump.
  10. Ridge

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    A Saiga for $179 Id love :)
  11. Strangerous

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    thought i finally found a centerfire rifle for my BOB... The search continues. :lol:
  12. What is the "Big 5"? Is this a store or something, never heard of it.
  13. sigh...
    if i can find one i will get it.
    .... i live in california.
  14. [​IMG]

    and in AR form...yuck...I found this and posted in the old forum...disgusting... but wouldn't mind having one of each for conversation piece and for collectors sake.
  15. I wonder if it was ever produced for sale or if it was a test platform?

    New one on me thats for sure.
  16. Huggy

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    I understand semi auto vs pump action, but if I lived in a slave state I'd take that in a snap over something with that fugly monsterman grip.