Yup I'm a Jerk

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    I have been without transportaion now since October. I borrow my supervisors truck when ever possible to go grocery shopping and dr.s appointments and such.
    My neighbor who has a vehicle would never help me run to the store when I asked them [They were busy] So now their car has broken down. These folks shop from day to day never keep any food in their place. Well earlier today my super gave me a ride to the store to get some stuff to tide us over a bit [he had to get some stuff too] they saw us unloading groceries [We buy for a whole month] They came over about 1/2 hour later and wanted to "borrow some groceries" from us as they hadn't beeen to the store today . Her mom was gonna come over after she got out of work as she does every day. I asked them right out why don't you stock up so you have it for several days and I was told it was no needed the stores would always be there. Well with that responce I told them i was busy and closed the door. I know I sound like a jerk and IF they had any kids I might have considered doing it for the kids but since they don't I figured this might be a lesson on em, BUT I really doubt it. I really have a stinking feeling if a true TEOTWAWKI happened these 2 would be on the first to get hit with lead list.
  2. I read your post and fail to see how you qualify for 'jerkitude.'

    Seems to be that if people want to have good neighbors they've got to be good neighbors, they've proven they don't qualify.

    Enjoy dinner. :wink:

  3. yeah I agree, they treated you the same way, its just coming back to them. They need to understand that the stores will NOT always be there and that they can't rely on it. When the SHTF they're gonna be pounding on your door if they don't learn to help themselves.
  4. I don't see anything wrong with that. But then again I'm kind of pist off at one of my neighbors right now. I'm glad you considered the fact that they did not have any kids..... that kind of proves your not a total jerk.
  5. If you were closer I'd give you the key to my truck to use, but your in the wrong carolina.

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    Thank you anyway but we're slowly building up the money to get a down payment on another car all I need now is my tax refunds and we'll be good to go. If it wasn't for my super and folks at the church we'd be stuck up the crick :D
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    You will need to remind them that they turned you down for a ride. They do not remember that part. These people never do.

    Their rude behavior is only mormal reaction, in their eyes, because it would put them in an inconvinient place.

    Your inconvinience and rude behavior is completely seperated from any action on thie part and is remembered as a seperate incident unconnected to them except as an immidiate insult.

    You are now also on THEIR list. SHTF watch yer 6.

    You are in S Carolina? With no ride since OCT?

    Where are you actually from? No southern man I know would put themselves at others mercy for this length of time, even if it ment driving a beater. Man up and get some wheels!
  8. YOU ARE NOT A JERK !!!!!!
    Why should you kiss these peoples butt when they treated you the way they did. Look on the bright side , they know how you stand when TSHTF on takeing care of them.
    I would have done the same thing that you did .
  9. Shooter I totally agree with your reaction. Good for you! But as it was already pointed out, watch your back around them.

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    Thanks guys I am atching and dirtimdebbie I am only working when I can and I got 2 sisters on disabilty so money is tight with living expences I have some saved up and every month we save up more unfortunaly beaters around here are called "parts cars" I can get one for $500 but it needs a motor and I can't afford to pay to change a motor and where I live I cannot do auto repairs :D
  11. You ain't a jerk, you're a GENIUS!!!! LMAO!

    Honestly, I think the quote goes something like this... "Do onto others as you would have them do unto you."

    Ring any bells?
  12. Mike_AZ

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    So, shooter would like his neighbors to snub him? :wink:
  13. No, he's just giving them their just deserts!

    How they were treated today was something that they earned by past instances of their snobbery. Now, if this changes their attitude in the future, remains to be seen.
  14. Mordecai

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    You acted like I would of, so, you did great! lol, I don't think you were a jerk, you just gave them the consequences of the golden rule.

    BTW, whats TEOTWAWKI?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It
  16. How ya' doin'?


    The End Of The World As We Know It

    I feel fine...

  17. I just had to play that song, cuz you SUCK when you reminded me of it... LOL!!!

    Thanks for that NDS.
  18. Nah, Shooter, you ain't no jerk. What's right is right. As others have said, wtch yer backside.
  19. hopefully you'll find a car. If I still had it I would offer you my old beater that WASN"T a 'parts car' It was a decent running 85 bmw 318i
  20. Right attitude in my book. Remember that video posted on the old forum where the couple with the daughter got raided by a couple of his so-called friends??? The unprepared, sick ones?? I think it was bird flu or something like that. TEOTWAWKI means if they aint family, they're probably going to end up an enemy!!