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Rear Sights-
Drill/Dremel, Bits, Orange/Green/or Red Lego FlagPole

1. Score just below Day-Glow spots on the opposite side of the rear sight.
2. start w/ 1/16 bit and bore straight through both sides
3. follow w/ 5/64 try not to clean the edges too much as it will ensure a snug fit.
4. cut rod to correct size and angle w/ razor (took me 3 tries).
5. Glue if necessary (mine didnt need it)

Front Sight-
electrical tape,drill,brownells 3mmx.5 shotgun bead drill and tap set*, T-handle threading wrench (i used my drill press w/ no power and turned it by hand) 1 TruGlo universal long bead*, flat metal file, black paint, Rem Oil, thread lock

*new materials - total cost $16.00

1. tape off the area immediately around the sight to prevent gouges from filing.
2. File the entire front sight off making it flush w/ the top of the gun. be careful not to gouge slide. the tape will help, but not a whole bunch.
3. measure and mark exact center on the flat spot where the sight used to be.
4. using the drill bit from the set and the rem oil, drill a little more than 2/32. I did not drill all the way through the slide, but i dont think it would be a problem if i were to have. the barrel is far forward from the hole.
5. using the tap and the wrench (or the unplugged drill) crank 2 turns down, then one back until you reach the bottom of the hole. Be very careful to keep the tap as straight as possible. (if using a drill press, turn it by hand)
5. paint all areas of exposed metal.
6. screw the sight into the new threads and thread lock if required.

If anyone is interested PM me, ive got alteast enough lightpipes to do 8 guns and i can mail the plastic to you or drill out your rear sights. If anyone wants to do the front sight, i will mail the bits for $6.

From the old board dont know if the link will stay active for long.
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