Z71's Review of Bushman's Alum Trigger.

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    I received a package on sat from bushman. In it was the brand new aluminum trigger, after installing it hit the range and put 200rnds thru to test the prototype. Here are the results:

    Since it was designed for the 995, the trigger had to be filed down in one area to work in the c9, since im working w/ bushman right now i will not cover that issue.

    install was a breeze, i know this gun inside out. but i imagine it would be little problem for someone who has removed the slide before. the main concern is keeping track of all the pins and springs.

    fit is great. Nice and solid, no wiggle. much improved over the original

    personal opinion, but its is great as well. fills out the the triggerguard and gives it a custom look reminiscent of skel. 1911 triggers.

    works as expected. leverage from a longer trigger is slgihtly noticable.

    one effect of the alum trigger that may or may not be a good thing is the rigid metal telegraphs 'feeling' compared to plastic. you can feel parts moving against each other while pulling the trigger.

    while the trigger feels great compared to the smaller plasitc one, the edges began to hurt after a few rounds. could use a bit of tlc before install.

    the larger trigger face gives a much more positive feel than the plastic. feels as if it wraps around your finger.

    The trigger is a very nice improvement to an already great pistol. Its a little rough on the edges but some sandpaper before install can fix that. Dresses the pistol up nicely and slightly improves the trigger pull. Winner in my book.

    I will be purchasing another for my 995 and filing it to match my new design if not done from the 'factory'

    Idepenent review:

    Likes shiny things so the trigger was a hit. she actually put more rounds through the c9 than i did (200vs400). Also commented that the edges of the trigger hurt. She says her aim improved w/ the trigger because "i can feel when right before its going to fire" which i equated to feeling the sear slip off the FP.

    I'll post some pictures later this evening.
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    Cool, I want one!