Zeroed a 995ts easiest one yet

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  1. My brother In-laws asked me to hold his 995ts for a few months and of course I agreed. :D. When I got it his scope had been removed so it only had front sights. I got to thinking this is kinda pointless with out sights, so I dug out my old iron sights I took off my 995ts when I installed the red dot. Put the iron sights on and I looked at the elevation lines to make sure they where centered and went to shoot.

    At 10 yards I was very close less than a 1" to the right with a tight group. So went out to 25 yards and was hitting about 3" to the right. So I looked at the sight and saw the adjustment was maxed out to one side, I moved it back to the middle. That moved it right back to zero. I'm very impressed with the carbine you take sights from a different firearm mount them, center the sights and your have it zeroed at 25 yards?! That goes to show how well Hi Points quality control is.

    Very impressed not many firearms you can install sights from a different firearm, zero the sights and be dead on target at 25 yards.
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