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  1. madmedic5

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    Grabbed up my 995, off to the range a with pack full of gear
    and to my amazement, in front of me what did appear
    a zombie with a look of terror and fear
    kinda like when headlights hit a deer
    so I did what I could, sent him flying over the hood
    stopped to survey the damage, and what do I hear
    "I need brains", much to my dismay and fear
    grabbed the 995, turned on the reddot
    aimed between the eyes and the snot
    the inpact, a perfect shot
    the living dead dropped like a rock
    praise be ,little carbine, a pat to the stock
    now off to the range for some serious fun
    ( can you believe, they let me own a gun)

  2. Oh yeah, mad--you're gonna fit right in here...

  3. madmedic5

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    being a medic /firefighter make ya just a a bit twisted ya know LOL :D :twisted:
  4. Most firefighters I know are so creative that they can play two musical instruments: the radio and the CD player lol.
  5. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Damn zombies, they are always popping up when they aught not...

    I heard they are venturing off of their natural habbitat due to shortage of brains...

    I incidentally had to gun one down on my way to the range, dropped him with my .40S&W pistol :D still have his head mounted on the wall...
  6. AndrewST

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    I ran run down today with the box truck at work. Turned his head into a pancake with the dually back tires.
  7. madmedic5

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    Most firefighters I know are so creative that they can play two musical instruments: the radio and the CD player lol.
    I can whistle while I jump start your heart too LOL
    ya should see my guitar collection , :D :D :D
    All jokeing aside I realley love thease little carbines
  8. I woke up one day, 4095 by my side
    I looked up at the sky and I saw a red tide
    Paratroops, bombers, red stars on the wings
    The Russians are coming, so I put on my sling

    The first wave was scattered, all over the place
    And the company's leader took one to the face
    As I dropped out the empty, and inserted a fresh mag
    I'm so glad I got Bushman, for $19.95 :)

  9. The ringing in your ears is NOT caused by the transmitter implanted in your brain. The ringing is because you have never worn adequate hearing protection when shooting. The transmitter is undetectable by non-intrusive means. The rest is all your imagination...

  10. tatters

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    Freaks, one and all. :roll:

    Glad to know you!


  12. http://www.dairyshrine.org/

    There's nothing in the milk BUT milk... :wink:
  13. They are coming for you Uncle Darrell:


    Back to topic...those were pretty good poems, guys!
  14. I just called my boss
    As to why I'll be late
    It's eleven fifteen
    My shift was at eight

    Instead of rushing
    I'll just take my time
    Who care about timesheets
    My Post Count's +9 :)
  15. DrGonzo

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    Pics, or it didn't happen.

  16. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    that reminds me of the night the aliens came, I had to shoot a shot in anger to scare them away, they had a probe in their hands and I didn't want to find out where they wanted to put it! :p

    Now I have a hole in the wall, pesky aliens ;)
  17. gunnut

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    Do you ever have any suspicious looking ice cream trucks following you? The one that follows me hasn't sold a thing in years!
  18. HPHooked

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    You're all a bunch of freaking nuts!!! Who's got the Cheerio's and a bowl?

    It's a madhouse; a madhooouuusssseee. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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