Zombie Game

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  1. Is it just me or is that a hard game to play? Good find Taurus

  2. Kelotravolski

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    I love this one! I wish it went for more than 20 days...
  3. MikeV

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    Me too!

    I was just starting to have fun with the Barrett. :D
  4. Didn't have time last night to get far, that revolver is useless though. If it works today at work I'll be havin alot of fun, if not I'll be angry.
  5. andrew241

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    good stuff, I made it though level 20.

    The trick is no be low and aim up towards them. 2 head shots with the revolver will drop them, the semi auto takes alot. Do lots of searching for weapons and you will end up with a barrett and it only takes one hit to drop one. The hunting rifle is about useless though.

    My fav weapson are the pump shotty and the barrett with the 2 assualt rifles right after those.
  6. Thayldt21

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    Heck I had a great time with the hunting rifle right up till I got the barret. I did have a hard time withthe army guys with body armor some took a few shots even with the barret.

    And yes down low aim up, worked great for me also.
  7. OK, how are you guys finding the weapons? I have went through 2 days of killing all of them and still just have the pistol
  8. Couldnt play it at work, so playing now. I love the hunting rifle, as long as you take head shots. Killed 3 in on shot once, doubles are common, single shot drops even more so.
  9. Ok, beat it, but no barret for me. Was real close if it is after the AK, cause my bar was filled, on more level and I woulda had it. Kinda would have expected a flame thrower, and grenades would be cool. Only put points in keeping my wall fixed and weapon searching as I quickly discovered survivors were useless.
  10. When you distribute you points, put all into looking for weapons. You do this between levels with your hours you have to spare, you get 12 hours to distribute between looking for weapons, fixing the wall, and searching for survivors.

    Oh and the Uzi and hunting rifle proved best for me. I'd use the uzi to beat em back and once they were half way or further away from me I'd pick them off with the rifle.
  11. Kelotravolski

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    I love the hunting rifle. as soon as I get it it becomes my only gun until I have the barrett.
  12. Shottys for me are useless, too slow. Chainsaw is good till the oozie.
  13. :shock: :shock: WTF the chainsaw is the shiznit used m16 or shotty and when they got close used the chainsaw took them right out also the survivors are useless take forever to take one out and the barrett is the best weapon I was taking out 3 and sometimes 4 with one shot 8)
  14. will have to play again and repair less this time to get the barrett
  15. Anyone bother reading the diary, pretty funny.
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    What barret? I had all the weapons, no barret, there is a hunting rifle though, its awesome, 1 shot kills every time at least, 2 for ones were pretty common, and a few 3 for 1 weren't uncommon.

    Revolver is awesome, it was the 2nd weapon I got, used it as my main, 2-3 headshots is a kill with it.

    Shotguns are pretty good, I liked the sawed off best, 1 hit kills always, and can get 2 for 1 sometimes....

    I used the sawed off over the chainsaw becuz the saw takes a sec to kill em.

    But yes, hunting rifle is the best, even with the soldiers it was one hit kills, shoot em in the face or in the legs, either works....

    and survivors are AWESOME!!!! With all 7 of yah, you repair 35% of dmg in 1 hour, so you only ever have to use an hour, and they shoot for ya too, they kill a lot of them in the later levels.
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    My wife hates me. I can't stop playing this game. I am stuck on Level 8.
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