Zombie gun....

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  1. I was just wondering what this meant?

    Let me tell you what I think it means first just from reading posts....I think its a term thrown around to describe a gun you dont need but just want, and you dont have a reason behind the gun,

    I think its a good definition....but Im sure Im wrong where as I usually am.

    Aight, tell me what it really means.
  2. Zombie or Mad Zombie refers to invading hordes of foreign troops or roving bands of lawless thugs looking to loot, pillage and kill anything in their path.

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    Rather like MZB for Mutant Zombie Bikers? Really, IMHO, a zombie gun is any firearm that you can use to get to your home base. It usually refers to a pistol caliber carbine or submachine gun (if you can afford it). It also refers to any firearm that you can think of no other reason to buy other than you want it (it's the reason you give the significant other for buying said firearm). :dance: :clap: :dance: :clap:
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    I believe RFH was pointing out that killing the "zombies" in the pending zombie apocalypse started out as code for the pending UN invasion of America. The reason why the term "zombie" was used is due to the fact that the UN are a bunch of brainwashed folks... hence "Kill the brain" and "Must eat brain"... or at least that's what it meant in my house...
    But yeah a Zombie gun, a gun that would be superb in killing the brain of a zombie... Which if you have a wifey that actually believes in the pending zombie apocalypse, you can squeeze some killer guns into the house without much fuss.
  5. If the target were George Romero zombies (slow moving, brain-eating reanimated dead) I might prefer my Remington 870 and my Ruger Mark II (for headshots.) As we all know, zombies will go down when you destroy the brain.
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    I think the 4595 would be a great zombie gun.

    Unfortunately, we'll all be zombies by the time they get it into production.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I don't know about the whole baseless UN paranoia (lol, they can't even secure Darfur, like the UN could even organize an American mainland invasion. Might as well worry about lizard men from the center of the earth stealing your credit info or something...ah, tangents), but the "omg zombies everywhere" scenario calls for a gun that shoulders quickly, acquires target quickly, quick to reload, and above all is reliable. Like, super reliable. Individual zombies can be dispatched easily enough, but their strength comes from their unrelenting progress and ubiquitous numbers. You may kill twenty zombies in a row, but as soon as your gun jams twenty more will be on you.

    Basically, a highly reliable semi-auto weapon that points well and is appropriately short for CQB. A bolt action rifle wouldn't be a good idea for a general use zombie gun because of it's low capacity, slow action speed, and difficulty to maneuver with in CQB situations. Save the bolt rifle for when you retreat to your fortified redoubt and have the high ground.

    Hey, ask a nerdy question, get a nerdy answer.
  8. Everything browwiw said, plus, IMHO: a bit of over-the-top tac accessories: it has to look cool in a zombie movie.