Zombie Scenario

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  1. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    "CHOMP" Youve been bitten!

    Didnt see that coming huh?
    All that planning and "what ifs" wasted for being careless and opening this link w/out checking for zombie infestation. Either that or your friends hate you.

    Youve got 3 hours till you turn.
    Think about your last moments as a human..
    Be a hero and tell your friends to stay away from this thread or say nothing and let them recruit to the Dead Army.

    Im curious to see how many I can turn, if you read this at least post "bitten" so we can get a count.

    Besides that, whats your plan to prevent you from becoming a Zombie (you've been bitten remember) or are you looking forward to shambling about?
  2. I am going to eat all my favorite foods because very soon I will only be eating brains.

  3. Alright you got me. I have been bitten. Would like to think I would be brave enough to take my own life before I could become a zombie but eating brains, who knows...
  4. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    I wouldn't be worried because I've stayed current on my zombie vaccinations.
  5. Damn it! You were suppose to warn me Z.
  6. AGuyNamedMike

    AGuyNamedMike Lifetime Supporter

    Mmmmmm.... Braaaaaiinnnsssss!
  7. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    sorry guys, no warnings from me, im on the zombie's side w/ this one. And there should be no threads warning the masses, only PMs.

    Could be a good test of the Hipoint emergency broadcasting system. if you were warned before entering then let us know w/ a post "warned by[username]"
  8. Damnit.... Looks like I will be eating a 12 guage slug for dinner or

  9. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Will brains go with fava beans and Chianti ? Sthipthipthipthip!!!
  10. Looks like I am going to invite everyone that I do not like over for "dinner" (evil laugh)

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    KABLAM!!!!! I just blew my brains out the heck with 3 hours :shock:
  12. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    Dinner at Shooter's house! :D :D
  13. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    First, I would shoot z71silverado98 in the head for biting me. Dam Zombies!

    Second, I would go bite the wife. Remember the part "Till Death does us apart? She's not getting off that easy.

    Third, I would go bite Primal so he could run my Zombie World while I'M kicking it in the Brain Bank!
  14. urotu

    urotu Member

    Well, looks as though you got me too, dagnabbit! I can't decide if I want to eat a bullet, or some brains though. What kind of zombies are we?
  15. Aren't brains supposed to be a delicacy?
    Can only eat lead once.

    Brains... Lead... Brains... Lead... Brains... Lead...

    Three hours?
  16. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Hey wait a min. I never said I was the zombie :shock:

    Looks like Primal wont be joining us, I invited him to the thread but he declined saying someone warned him.
  17. MikeV

    MikeV Member

    Well hopefuly my anti-zombie armor did its job.

    If not, I guess I'm fixing to be a brain eating zombie.

    Dibs' on Shooter's brains if I turn............. :D
  18. If I were a vegetarian then when I turned into a zombie I would eat GRRAAAAIIIINNNSSSSSSS....

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    LOOK you Ungrateful B%$#@&ds I will use my shotgun to really demolish my brain before I let ANY of the likes of you feast on them! None of you are worthy of my brain! :lol:
  20. Huggy

    Huggy Member

    Dang... Bitten.
    Had to blast my computer before it could get anyone else.
    Since we're all gonna be zombies soon, how bout we all gear up and head to Philly for a last hour vigilante stand off against the scumbags? Or for those of you too far away, why not find your nearest crack den?