Zombie Squad: We Make Dead Things Deader.

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  1. Someone else from the STL area?

  2. I'm in Springfield & also a forum member on Zombie Squad.

    Great info & great people on that site!!!
  3. I joined there a few months ago...really turned me onto some Zombie movies I didn't know existed...:cool:
  4. syst3merror

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    my wife doesn't understand my obsession with zombies but for some reason I just LOVE zombie stuff.

    So far I have a total of 30 movies, I have a couple of figures, an assortment of posters/pictures, and I'm going to start my own site for zombie hunting too.

    I think my love for them came from seeing "Thriller" by Michael Jackson for the first time.
  5. BigMike134

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    I'm a member at ZS...Bear667