Zombie Strippers!

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  1. z71silverado98

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    No joke, it's a new movie w/ Jenna Jameson. I'd say the trailer is PG. Though somehow mixing 2 of my favorite things into 1 movie doesnt sound so great.


    Edit: the first link wasnt working 100%
  2. Uraijit

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    A fool and his money are soon parted...

  3. Strangerous

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    Porn stars as silver screen stars are not uncommon...
    Anastasia Blue - Blow (2001)
    Asia Carrera - The Big Lebowski (1998)
    Aurora Snow - The Rules of Attraction (2002) Superbad (2007)
    Janine Lindemulder - Lauderdale (1989), Private Parts (1997)
    Jeanna Fine - The Boondock Saints (1999)
    Jeannie Pepper - High School High (1996)
    Jenna Haze - Superbad (2007)
    Ron Jeremy - Ghostbusters (1984), Feast (1992), The Chase (1994), Killing Zoe (1994), Meet Wally Sparks (1997), 54 (1998), The Boondock Saints (1999), Detroit Rock City (1999), Reindeer Games (2000), Fast Sofa (2001), The Rules of Attraction (2002), Terror Firmer (2004), Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2004)), "The Aristocrats" (2005))
    Shane Hague - Toy Story (1998)
    Stormy Daniels - The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005), Knocked Up (2007)
    Traci Lords - Cry-Baby (1990), The Tommyknockers (1993-TV), Serial Mom (1994), Blade (1998)

    Jenna Jameson was in Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts" and "Evil Breed" here recently... Evil Breed was about tourists heading to Ireland for a school trip to learn about the Druids, and they a horrific tale of cannibalistic killers.... :lol: Poor Jenny! She's worn that thing out and now has to play minor roles in B movies!
    I'm sure I've missed a lot of stars and movies... but the same concept...
  4. hmmm..... Looks like someone knows a bit more about porn and porn stars than they would have some folks close to them believe. Can you say.... BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Seems kinda like someone wants to makes something like From Dusk Till Dawn, but with zombies. From what I saw, I can say only on thing. EPIC FAIIILLLLL
    I surly will not be seeing this movie as just the plot disturbs me.
  6. Strangerous

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    Any time a porn star is in a silver screen movie everyone always says "So-And-So is a porn star", and the ones I know of are all from the movies I have seen, ie: GhostBusters, Boondock Saints, BLOW, The Big Lebowski, Superbad, Private Parts, High School Hogh, Reindeer Games, The Toxic Avenger, Blade, the 40 year old virgin, and even TOY STORY! So make all the jokes you want, but while you're playing with your little .22 "rimfire", I'm playing with my .45acp... That's a downright hilarious euphanism, if I may say so myself.
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    I wasnt saying anything either way about Jenna being in the movie. Her name is just being used as she is the biggest 'name' in the film, sure there's that guy, but in a film about strippers your lead isnt going to be a man....well any stripper film I'd watch aint gonna have a male lead.

    I think the movie will tank on it's own and just drag poor jenna down w/ it. What a waste of a great movie title too :(
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    The movie will probably suck as the previews I seen were horrible in every way..except for the semi naked women.
  9. It looks stupid. I doubt seriously that I'll watch it.
  10. You have got to be kidding me. I don't even know if I'd rent that if it were free.
  11. I might would, but I'd probably demand my money back....
  12. Wow! That's certainly looks ....... counterculture....no.....avant garde........no........unusual......no......... what's the word I'm looking for......?


    That having been said, I've thought a lot of moviues were stupid and watched them anyway, so if i got a chance to see it for free sometime and didn't have to admit to a lot of people that I watched it....
  13. saw the preview before ironman... Looks like a failure.
  14. Failure, maybe... but it's still a zobie stripper movie :)