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Discussion in '2010' started by rimfirehunter, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Please post all Zombie related topics in the Lounge and keep the Survival Forum open for survival and preparedness issues.
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    When we talk about "survival", let's keep it realistic please.

  3. Strangerous

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    RFH, out of all of the survival "What if's" you have guided me in, why was the zombie senario left out? This one seems to be most important.
    JUST KIDDING, we all know the zombie senario is code for UN Invasion.
  4. dirtimdebbie

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    !!!THANK GOD!!!

    Rimfire hunter too!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] Sorry couldn't help it RMF and God in the same sentence [​IMG] Well sort of.
  6. Ridge

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    While zombies are a funny way to talk about survival, whats to say that the same tactics cant be applied to mob rule or rioting situations?
  7. And the Mob Rule and Riot situations can be covered in Survival Zone, while Zombies are in the Lounge, per what RFH said. Thanks for your cooperation.
  8. Pretty fake looking zombie there man. You need to get some special F/V going on there.

  9. Can anyone on this board explain to me why they are obsessed with zombies???
  10. Ridge

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    Well you just brought this thread back from the dead, so now its a...
  11. Punisher

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    On all the gun forums I belong to people always like to talk about zombies. I do like watching movies about them and I was ask myself what would I do. :)
  12. neothespian

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    Oh we LOVE it!!!!

    It's just an attempt to keep the survival forum to stats and info on preparedness.

    BUT, if you got a hankering for some zombie chat...bring it to the Lounge!!! :D You'll find plenty of good guys who like nothing better than a truly dead zed!
  13. Punisher

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    Ok I will sometimes.
  14. junior

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    While just as dumb in most cases. Angry mobs move faster than your stereotypical "Zombie". Sometimes the mobs work together as well. But Zombies never loot goods and very rarely tip cars over. I guess they aren't into college basketball.
  15. darkfreedom

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    Have u not seen dawn/land of the dead?
    those buggers could move when they were fresh in dawn. and in land, they did work together. A few of them even figured out how ton use weapons and tear down fences and stuff...
    ok, rant finished. lol

    I think the zombie obsession is just because every zombie movie shows a small group of (usually) armed people taking on sometimes huge, countless mobs of fugly peoplez. Sort of the few conquering over the many (except dawn of the dead, but they didn't take precautions and look before they lept) plus anyone who's played games like half life, left 4 dead, and other games of that nature can tell you, it's an interesting theory and it's fun to watch zombies go splat in so many ways.
  16. KCjeff

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    Yes...please do.
  17. Because even though they are something of fiction, they are funny and make me laugh.
  18. KCjeff

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    Whatever it takes to make you happy ;)

    My wife thinks I'm insane for things I laugh at....like Mel Brooks movies.