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45 ACP Carbine Charging Bolt

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New here so hello.

I was screwing in the charging bolt for the 1st time and it seemed difficult to get it to seat down. I unscrewed it couple times and brushed the threads. Has anyone else experienced issues with the threading on charging bolt?
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My 995 unscrews itself after about 2 magazine's of fireing!
1 drop of thread locker
I have used red in automotive applications. I can't remember where. I do know it wasn't that hard to remove. I have used silicone RTV to stop screws on throttle adjustments on carbs.
Now was it permanent or removable? Different brands use different colors and numbers. I stick with 1 brand so I know what I've got.
RTV is silicone gasket sealer/maker, not thread locker. AKENPOOKIE to me. Carb cleaner with loosen it up. It peals out of threads with a finger nail.
You first said red. I was assuming you were talking about locktite since thats what we were discussing then you tossed in silicone.
You assumed right. I have used red Loctite on a car and easily removed that part. Just can't remember what part it was.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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